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DRWakefield Projects

Our mission at DRWakefield is to continually develop a sustainable, progressive and open approach to coffee.

For us, this means not only helping to create sustainable, quality coffee but building sustainable and long-lasting relationships and supply chains. Part of this means working with certification, but we also work with partners and communities at origin to further our investment with the people with which we work.

This work is grounded in local capacity building, economic and environmental sustainability. Each project is developed and designed around the societal and environmental needs of the local community and environment. They aim to support coffee producers financially in the long term, whilst contributing to the health and wellbeing of people and nature.

DRWakefield Projects are funded either through a price premium we pay per kg on select coffees or a profit percentage of sales at origin. We also use events, such as our annual Full Circle, to increase awareness and funding.


Click the link below to read our latest DRWakefield Project report.

DRWakefield 2021 Project Report
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Current DRWakefield Projects

Community Lots, Costa Rica

Supporting coffee producing families and communities in the Tarrazú coffee region, Costa Rica.

In partnership with Coope Tarrazú.

Hutan, Sumatra

Funding reforestation and development in tropical rain forests in Aceh, North Sumatra.

In partnership with Ketiara Cooperative.

Kinini, Rwanda

Helping displaced young people and women in rural Rwanda through education and health care.

In partnership with Kinini and A New Beginning.

Sweet Berry, Ethiopia

Funding Miyah Village Pure Water Project, an initiative providing clean drinking water to the residents of Miyah village, Ethiopia.

In partnership with Shochoch Trading.

Abeja Honey, Honduras

Supporting beekeeping in Honduras as a means to income diversification for coffee producers.

In partnership with Capucas Cooperative.

El Oso, Peru

Supporting the conservation of the Santuario Nacional Tabaconas Namballe nature sanctuary, Peru.

In partnership with COOPAFSI.