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La Yerba Community Mexico drying coffee cherry Triage
La Yerba Community Mexico drying coffee cherry Triage

Grupo Terruno Nayarita

Grupo Terruño Nayarit is part of a more complex structure. It is an umbrella organization that exports all coffee to San Cristobel Coffee Importers in the US. The Grupo is co-owned by Cafes Sustenables de Mexico (Sunmex) a private company that owns the dry mill, processes the coffee and is in charge of the logistics and quality control of the coffee – and 6 producer groups who deliver their coffee to the organization – Astal, Basilio, Cuerno, Riviera, Procaa, and Tambor. DRW’s counterparty in this system is with San Cristobel Coffee Importers in the US which is owned by Jim Kosalos and his wife. Alongside this structure, another company – Finca Lab, also owned by Jim aims to assist the process with a unique purpose built software system designed to optimize full traceability on all coffee lots entering and exiting the quality system, bar coding and QR coding each coffee for optimized transparency.

Operating in a fiercely competitive market, the key for the group is to create a sense of loyalty from the members to continue delivery coffee. This is achieved with their part ownership of the organization, as well as paying producers the prevailing market price for received cherry, followed up with further secondary and tertiary payments once coffee has been exported, final invoices settled and accounts cleared for the season. These extra payments reward producers for the quality they deliver to them, and the initial delivery payments help with cash flow.