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Ranger Coffee

Established in 2009, Ranger Industry and Trading PLC focussed more on speciality coffee and exporting from the highlands of Ethiopia from 2017.

With offices in Addis and washing stations in Yirgacheffee, Gedeb, Kochere, Guji, Sidamo and Wonago woredas, they are able to enhance the quality of the coffee they offer.

They have projects including building public educational and health infrastructures and facilities where its main operations are taking places. Their involvement ranges from time volunteering of employees to cash donations and implementation of projects in different parts of the country.

They have sought to extend the companies’ commitment to socially responsible business practices, including engagement with and support of local government and coffee-growing communities, sustainable coffee strategy and values, employee empowerment, and environmental-friendly business operational areas in both the Gedeo Zone and Addis Ababa.

They work closely with sister company BNT Trading.

Coffees from this producer

Ethiopia Sweet Berry Washed


Ethiopia Sweet Berry Natural

  • Chocolate
  • Other Fruit
  • Pineapple
  • Rose


Image for Sweet Berry Project Update

Sweet Berry Project Update

30 April 2024