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Daye Bensa

Daye Bensa started as a joint venture between two brothers, Asefa and Mulugeta Dukamo.

Born in to a coffee producing family, and being the eldest, the responsibility was felt by Asefa to help the family with the harvest and take the coffee to market. As he grew up, he dreamed of shortening this distance for his family and the neighbouring producers. Working in more small ventures and increasing his vision solidified in to owning a washing station.

This dream became a reality in 1997 by setting up his first ever washing station (with other co-founders holding a major share) in Girja village. Less than a mile from his parents’ house, the next year saw another washing station open in Eltama, 30km away.

Having a family and moving to Daye, in Bensa, the growth continued with his brother Mulugeta playing a major role in driving this forward. They created a larger, ‘mother’ washing station, joined by their own dry mill facility to further improve quality and immediacy.

Certifications were introduced, and trainings able to be conducted with producers.

Asefa has been awarded number of trophies and certificates of appreciations from local and regional level for supplying sizeable volume and quality coffee to central market and also for his contributions in social and economic developments of the region. Asefa mentored many young people who own companies with his valuable advice and also provided personal guarantees for them to get bank loans as he is very well respected by the banks.

The next stage in the journey was to be able to manage their own exports, which they did in 2006, naming it after the area the vision was formed. Now in to the second generation involved, Asefa’s eldest son Kenean has taken a role in the export company after studying at university abroad.

They now operate in six districts called Bensa, Bura, Chabe, Hoko (Girja), Aroressa, and Chire, and own three farms as well as the washing stations.

Coffees from this producer

Ethiopia Sidamo G2


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe G2

  • Caramelised
  • Jasmine
  • Lemon
  • Sweet