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Cordillera del Fuego SA

Cordillera Del Fuego SA was founded in 2015 when two coffee producing families with more than 40 years industry experience between them came together to create something new. Focussing on both thermal shock and anaerobic fermentations, cherries are grown on the Finca Berlin de San Ramón de Alajuela, in the West Valley of Costa Rica and owned by Mr. Evelio Fernández, one of Cordillera Del Fuego’s associates.

The beneficio has become very aware of reducing its carbon footprint, so automated combustion furnaces have been implemented that greatly reduce firewood consumption. They also have a smoke emission processor to greatly reduce any pollutants going to the atmosphere. This is furthered by a whopping 4,000 m2 of patios for sun drying to reduce the need for mechanical drying by a large percentage, at least at the level of pre-drying.

Waste water and ‘honey’ water are processed through reed beds and the use of micro-organisms.

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Pura Vida from Costa Rica

24 March 2020