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BNT Coffee

Two friends established BNT (which stands for Birhanemeskel and Tewodros) Industry & Trading PLC in 2010 with a vision to promote Ethiopian coffee globally.

Over the years, their dedication and expertise have propelled their company to become one of the top 4 exporters in Ethiopia and generated more than 50 million USD each year for the country. Through strategic partnerships with local coffee cooperatives and farmers, they have built a strong supply chain network, ensuring the highest quality coffee beans are sourced from high altitude various regions of Ethiopia.

Their commitment to sustainable practices has earned them a great reputation in the industry. Their company is recognized for its exceptional coffee, strong ethical values, and contribution to the growth of Ethiopia’s coffee industry.

They say “In addition to the natural gift that give our coffee their unique taste, our success can be attributed to many factors such as the excellent soil and ideal weather that nurtures our coffee plants. However, great resources without great people is irrelevant. Hence, the single most important element of our product is our people. It is their expertise, knowledge, care and energy that makes BNT what it is today.”

Their sister company, Ranger Industry and Trading PLC, allows for a greater focus on speciality coffee extending the abilities and reach that each offers.


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Ethiopia Trip Report 2023

13 November 2023