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To understand the birth, growth and consolidation of ASOPEP, it is vital to understand the context of the municipality in which it was born, since it combines the main variables to make it a special association, since the vigorous character of its people, the exceptional agroclimatic conditions and the insurgent group of the FARC was born there, in Marquetalia, one of its villages. All these contrasts, with a marked absence of  institutions and the enormous distance from Ibagué (252 km) by road previously uncovered, have made the inhabitants of this municipality develop their own models of territorial development.

ASOPEP was born in the municipality of Planadas, Tolima. This municipality was born in 1920 thanks to the founding of the Colonia Penal y Agrícola del Sur de Atá, created to house prisoners associated with crimes such as homemade manufacturing and smuggling of liquors and tobacco, but its main purpose was to confine people who identified with the Liberal Party. At that time the “conservative hegemony” or the Conservative Party was still living. Over time, the supporters of both parties and others were integrated without any problem, generating as a consequence their famous hospitality and kindness, now recognized throughout the world.

Their mission is ‘To be recognized as the association that creates opportunities for the personal growth of its associates, protects the environment, innovates in commercialization processes and is always at the forefront in the world agricultural issue’ aiming to be an association with the  ‘best quality of life for its members from a social, educational and commercial point of view.’ by 2030.


You can read more about their projects and community on their website.

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Colombia ASOPEP

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