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AMPROCAL was established in 2007 in Pashapa La Labor, in the Ocotepeque department of western Honduras. Originally part of Copan until it was split in 1906, Ocotopeque lies in the western part of Honduras, bordering with El Salvador and Guatemala.

This all female cooperative was founded by eight women to strengthen the presence of female producers in the area, they now have very close to 100 members and also offer coffee roasting and micro-credit services.

They are certified Fairtrade and have 39 members registered Organic. Farmers are provided support from an agronomist to improve the productivity and sustainability of their farms and there is also a focus on environmental conservation, with pulp and honey water being turned into organic fertiliser which they are taught how to correctly prepare and apply to the land. The AMPROCAL office itself is powered by the waste waters from coffee which produce biogas reducing their carbon footprint.

Teacher salaries, supplies to schools, and support to local communities with sports programs via uniforms and money to build fields are also provided. These activities help the local communities to grow and give children the chance to learn about teamwork and leadership.


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Meeting Coops in the Heart of Central America: Honduras

20 February 2023

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