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Our coffees from Vietnam




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About Vietnam

The Socialist republic of Vietnam, since 2000, has seen some of the highest economic growth levels seen throughout the world, even though it officially espouses communism as a one party socialist state. The path to North and South unification after the Vietnam war ended in 1975 has resulted in a booming economy. Because of the large difference in latitude Vietnam experiences considerable climatic changes. The north is considered humid and subtropical, whilst the south is Savanna with a central monsoon climate. Temperatures in the north can range between 5 and 37 degrees.

About Vietnam Coffee

The rise of coffee production in Vietnam has been nothing short of meteoric. Throughout the 1990’s the coffee industry grew at an annual rate of 20%-30%. Now employing close to 3 million people it has been credited with lifting up to 50% of the population out of poverty. Vietnam is now the second largest coffee producer in the world after Brazil with production nudging the 30million bag mark. Predominantly Canephora is grown here, and Vietnam has made a name for itself supplying the vast mega roasters with their Robusta requirements.

With a growing focus on the speciality market, the country is now producing some fine Arabicas to go with the Fine Robustas too, expect to see more of the modern processing methods like anaerobic or carbonic maceration along with a well refined selection of gentle robustas.