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About USA

As the 25th largest coffee consuming country, the USA does not feature in the main coffee producing regions, but was the first to gain independence from a European power back in 1783. It has the worlds largest economy by nominal GDP and is the third most populated after China and India.

About USA Coffee

The USA is not be the most obvious of regions for coffee until you consider their annexations. Although some efforts are producing coffee in California, Puerto Rico (a US Territory, not a state) saw coffee growth fall back following the annexation of the territory by the Americans despite being introduced to the land in the 1800’s. By 1900, it was the worlds 7th largest producer.

Around the same time, coffee production was getting going in Hawaii, following multiple largely unsuccessful efforts through the early half of the 1800’s. Sugarcane was preferred over coffee as more profitable, with the exception to this being the slopes of the Kona district which were unsuitable for sugarcane. The name Kona came to be recognised more widely following an award for excellence given at the World’s Fair in 1873, and applies strictly to coffee grown in North and South Kona, on the West cosast of The Big Island. Hawaii in total now accounts for around 0.4% of global coffee production.