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About Thailand

Thailand is a constitutional monarchy which seesaws between parliamentary democracy and military junta from time to time. It is known as a middle economy – 20th largest in the world, a notable position given its size. It counts tourism manufacturing and agriculture as the leading sectors in the economy. Thailand borders Cambodia, Lao and Myanmar as well as Malaysia to the south. This East Asian nation is lush, tropical and green. From golden sandy beaches to tree capped mountainous regions in the north Thailand is a diverse geographical nation.

About Thailand Coffee

Tanzania has been producing coffee since the late 1800’s, introduced by German missionaries and propagated ever since. Some farms on the slopes of Kilimanjaro in the north have tree roots that are almost as old as the history of coffee in the country itself! The North of Tanzania on the Kilimanjaro slopes and further west to Karatu produce most of the sought after hard beans that Tanzania produces. Southern growing zones of Mbeya and Mbinga close to the Malawi boarder, produce more coffee, but due to their climatic growing conditions, produce a lighter softer bean structure. Robusta is also found on the lake of Victoria to the far west. Tanzania coffee is mildly acidic, with northern coffees displaying almost Kenya like characteristics of forest fruits, blackcurrant and lemon. The Peaberry is famed in the US, and the Japanese market has a penchant for northern AA’s (possibly due to the similarity of Mt Fuji to Kilimanjaro)

Producers from Thailand

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