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About Tanzania

Tanzania is a large and diverse nation in East Africa both linguistically, culturally and geographically. The northern highlands, surrounding Kilimanjaro and bordering Kenya are temperate and vegetative. The central region is dry, and sparse with the Southern highlands bordering Malawi to the south a haven for agricultural development. Tourism (as well as Hunting) provide much needed foreign exchange earnings as does the export of Sugar, Tea, Tobacco and Coffee. With substantial Italian investment, Tanzania now has a fledgling wine industry to add to its economically diverse GDP.

About Tanzania Coffee

Robusta was first introduced to Tanzania in the 16th century from modern-day Ethiopia, and later in the 19th-century Arabica was introduced by German colonisers. Today Tanzanian coffee can be bought both through the Tanzania Coffee Board auction or directly from the farmer.


Image for A Sojourn in Ethiopia and Tanzania

A Sojourn in Ethiopia and Tanzania

29 November 2019