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About Rwanda

Rwanda is a small landlocked nation in East Africa. Consisting of a very young population predominantly either Hutu or Tutsi, it is a nation of considerable density. Whilst most of its population habit rural areas, and engage in subsistence farming. Under the leadership of Paul Kagame, with the backing of the United Nations and many international donors, Rwanda has begun many economic development programs to boost and diversify its predominantly agricultural based economy. Tea and coffee remain the largest exports, but tourism is also helping to boost this economy.

About Rwanda Coffee

The coffee story in Rwanda is one of highs and lows. First introduced by the Belgian Colonialists in the 1930’s, coffee was grown successfully in Rwanda until the 1980’s when a glut of production saw the local price collapse. This was shortly followed by the 1994 genocide which further destroyed the agricultural output of the tiny great lakes nation. But the Land of a thousand hills has been reconciled, and thanks to coffee, it is booming. Substantial investment in education thanks to bodies such as Techno serve have re-educated coffee farmers. This investment in knowledge and support has created a micro origin of specialty producers. Prices have risen as accordingly, and now many cooperatives operating in the Rwandan highlands can count on strong support from across the globe for their prized, moderately acidic coffee. Flavours of dried fruits – dates and raisins as well as stone fruits such as nectarine and peach give these coffees a special place in the world of specialty coffee

Producers from Rwanda

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Image for Returning to Rwanda: Old Friends and New Beginnings

Returning to Rwanda: Old Friends and New Beginnings

04 August 2023

Aissatou and Hannah journeyed to Rwanda to meet with long term partners Kinini and meet Twongerekawa Coko Cooperative for the first time.

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Kinini Project Update 2022

02 March 2023