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Our coffees from Mexico




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About Mexico

With a steadily growing economy, strong trade links throughout north and central America – Mexico is a formidable force in the region. Boasting a diverse portfolio of food and beverages, tobacco, chemicals, iron and steel, petroleum, mining, textiles, clothing, motor vehicles, consumer durables and tourism; Mexico is a leading nation of industrialists. Officially Mexico has a low unemployment rate, although underemployment figures are substantially higher! Varying topography and regional climatic conditions range from arid deserts in the north to lush tropical jungles in the South and Yucatan Peninsula. Mexico also has a proud Mayan heritage, with many well-kept archaeological sites

About Mexico Coffee

Mexico has a strong domestic consumption of the coffee it produces and consumes around 50% of all it grows. Most coffee is grown in the southern highlands of Chiapas and Oaxaca and produces both Robusta and Arabica varietals. Coffees from these regions are medium bodied with mild acidity. Characterised by chocolate and almond flavours, with sweet and fruity notes to accompany it. The coffees in the south are reminiscent of Guatemalan highland Huehuetenango. Mexico is also one of the pioneers of certified coffees – Fairtrade and Organic are common here, and organic coffee has been grown in Mexico since the 1980’s – much earlier than many of the better known organic producers of today. Having recognised the need for higher quality coffees; with the US as the leading trading partner for Mexican coffee, the Mexican Coffee Council is helping the industry reach its potential through traceability programs and investment in stronger varietals to combat recent plagues of leaf rust that have decimated past crops.


Image for Will and Henry's Mexico Trip 2017: Veracruz to Nayarit

Will and Henry's Mexico Trip 2017: Veracruz to Nayarit

11 May 2017