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Our coffees from Indonesia




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About Indonesia

Indonesia comprises over 17,000 islands, of which 8000 are inhabited, and 300 languages spoken, diverse doesn’t come close to describing it. Nestled on the Pacific rim south of Thailand and north of Australia, the heart of its coffee growing land straddles the equator. Half its population live on the island of Java (home to the capital Jakarta) and its islands consist of tropical jungles, volcanoes and a plethora of wildlife. The largest economy in South East Asia, Indonesia derides most of its earnings from the services sector, manufacturing and of course – Agriculture.

About Indonesia Coffee

From the highlands of Sumatra come Mandheling and Lintong and from the island of Java famously self-titled Java. Indonesian coffee is unique in terms of its appearance and flavours. One of the largest producers in the world (roughly 9 million bags annually) Indonesia provides the world with an exotic flavour. Typically, spicy and herbal notes carry through the coffee, as well as sweet citrus, tangerine and limes. Sumatran coffee is well known for its exoticism. Indonesia has a long history with coffee, with both Robusta and Arabica varietals grown. Sumatra employs a unique processing method that sets its beans apart from many other nations wet hulling the coffee before drying giving the beans a deep blue / green hue. Sumatra also has unique ageing techniques for some of it’s better known “aged Peaberry” coffees by burying them underground purportedly helping to develop incredible levels of sweetness. Indonesia is one of few origins that can export almost continuously throughout the year.


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