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About Honduras

Honduras sits sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean to the west and Caribbean gulf coast to the East, with Guatemala bordering to the north and Nicaragua to the South – unsurprisingly then, this a nation who is serious about producing coffee. Coffee plays an important role in the country’s economy, as does minerals, tropical fruit and sugar cane! Sadly, political instability has resulted in Honduras remaining as one of the world’s poorest nations, with the highest murder rate on the planet.

About Honduras Coffee

Whilst Honduras is one of the world’s larger coffee producers with a well-established coffee production supply chain – the quality until recently has not been known as one of excellence. Often considered somewhat plain and almost ‘Coffee like’ it’s low acidity, flat body and subtle caramel nut flavours have made it a considerable component in many large roasters blends. However, the organisation of cooperatives, and recent developments in the specialty world of coffee have opened up Honduras for quality improvements. A willing nation to learn new techniques and adopt successful practices from other nations – Honduras is beginning to display itself as a leader in specialty coffee. Experimenting with processing methods, have meant a number of Honduran producers offering multiple processing methods from the same producer; an exciting prospect for the discerning coffee roaster. Institutions such as the CBI have helped boost Honduran visibility and accessibility throughout the world thanks to the SCAA and SCAE trade show platforms (amongst others)