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El Salvador

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About El Salvador

El Salvador is a small Central American coffee growing nation, with miles of ‘surfable’ beaches, tropical rainforests and mountainous regions. Like many central American nations, agriculture plays a considerable part in the economy – none more so than coffee; at one-point coffee represented 90% of the country’s exports – although this has declined as manufacturing and industrialisation have become more important. Like Panama, El Salvador uses the US Dollar as its currency, ditching the Colon back in 2001.

About El Salvador Coffee

El Salvador produces some very tasty coffees indeed. Having undergone a period of internal unrest, El Salvador now enjoys a peaceful environment in which to produce coffee. High grown estates, in tropical conditions, amongst semi active volcanic regions create an unparalleled habitat for coffee. Beans mature fairly quickly here, and as a result the bean structure is fairly soft, and quick to roast! The subtle acidity and fairly simple flavours that come from El Salvador make this a loveable and very drinkable coffee. With many estates producing coffees, in such tropical climes, it is no surprise then that Rainforest Alliance certificated coffee is in abundance here. El Salvador coffee brings a huge amount of sweetness to the table, juicy caramelised almonds, nuts and caramel. Not the largest coffee producer in the world, but this small nation in central America is a formidable player in the specialty coffee world.