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Costa Rica

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About Costa Rica

Costa Rica – the surfer’s paradise of Central America is a fairly small tropical rainforest nation bordered to the east and west by the Pacific and Atlantic oceans respectively. To the north lies Nicaragua, and to the South the Isthmus of Panama. Costa Rica, unlike some of it’s Latin American neighbours, has enjoyed a relatively peaceful and stable transition from Colonial Spanish rule to successful independent nation. Tourism features highly on its foreign exchange earners index, as do banana and coffee exports. It is also recognised as one of the most Environmentally Sustainable countries in the world.

About Costa Rica Coffee

Costa Rica’s coffee industry is well established and successful. Producing more commonly SHB – Strictly Hard Beans from high altitude growing regions, these coffees are well cared for, washed and processed accordingly – which goes some way to explain their typically firm pricing (comparatively to other producers). Lower grades (the HB’s) are also common from Cost Rica. A number of Fairtrade cooperatives have flourished in recent years, and individual communities as well as estates and cooperatives have made a name for themselves in the wider specialty coffee sector. Individual regions such as Tarrazu also have critical acclaim. Costa Rican flavours invoke chocolate undertones and full bodied, rich mouthfeel. Notes of lemon, sherbet, honey and caramel are also present – making Costa Rican coffee great for espresso based coffees, but also, given the right fruit components, a perfect pour over too.


Image for Pura Vida from Costa Rica

Pura Vida from Costa Rica

24 March 2020

Image for Costa Rica Community Lots Update 2023

Costa Rica Community Lots Update 2023

07 July 2023