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Why loans for Brazilian coffee producers could really help the industry?

In June this year, it was revealed that Brazil's coffee industry is to receive a financing package from the country's National Monetary Council, the highest economic authority.

Some 3.16 billion reais (£993.1 million) is to be provided in loans for the current growing season, which will be divided up into funds for storage, harvesting, purchases of coffee by roasters and exporters and farmers' cooperatives.

The remainder will be put towards the processing industry and other expenses.

Brazil is the world's biggest​ producer and exporter of coffee – it is responsible for over a third of the world's total market, which is quite remarkable given that the crop was not originally native to Latin America. 

It mostly produces Arabica, but also a large volume of robusta (conillon) too. Having the available finance to keep this industry supported from the bottom up is vital if the world is to continue to benefit from Brazil's rich coffee.

Credit lines like the one approved last month mean that growers have enough money to not have to sell part of their crops to raise cash on which to live. Lack of finance puts downward pressure on prices and affect world markets.

In addition, having available funds for local farmers means buyers can rest assured that they are making a living and not having to scrimp on everyday essentials.

Brazil's harvest season will be well underway by now, as most plantations are harvested between June and September to make the most of the dry season for effective drying.

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