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Virtual cuppings of this year’s Daterra Masterpieces

In case you missed it, this week we have been showcasing all 30 of the 2020 Daterra Masterpieces through online virtual cuppings from the team here at DRW. You can watch them all below along with the cupping notes.

As you may be aware this year there isn’t going to be an auction but instead each box will have a fixed price and a portion of the profits from each bag sold will be donated to charity.

Our chosen charity is the ‘The Mental Health Foundation’ who have been sharing practical information about how you can support your own mental health, and the wellbeing of your family and community during the current pandemic. To find out more visit https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk. We recommend following them on Instagram too.

All the coffees will go on sale to our customers through us on 19th November, ahead of the public sale on 25th November. Get in touch with your trader to place an order.

Live Q&A with Daterra – 18th November

At 2pm (GMT) on Wed 18th November we will be holding a live Q&A, on our instagram, with Gabriel Agrelli Moreira from Daterra to answer all your questions regarding this year’s collection.

Scroll down to hear all about each microlot with our virtual cuppings and tasting notes.

Samples are very limited and available from the trade team on a first come first served basis.

Enoy!!! We did ????

Monday Morning with Jamie


D02 Acaua Natural Aerobic
Nose: blackberries, red berries
Flavour: brown sugar, green tea, peach, plum

D03 Acaua Natural Anaerobic
Nose: banana sweet, vanilla, apricot.
Flavour: Banana sweet, blueberries, hazelnuts, fruit jam, honey.



Monday Afternoon with Jamie


D12 Catigua Natural Anaerobic Fermentation
Nose: red berries, floral, winey.
Flavour: Floral, red berries, Beaujolais red wine, apple; malic acidity.

D28 Naomi Natural Aerobic Fermentation
Nose: tropical fruits, orange blossom, honey.
Flavour: butter biscuit, vanilla, yellow fruits, strawberry, lactic, sparkling wine.

D29 Paraiso Natural Aerobic Fermentation
Nose: Strawberries, coconut, butter
Flavour: umami, dried fruits, apricot, cherries, strawberries, lactic acidity.



Tuesday Morning with Phil


D01 Acaia Natural Aerobic
Nose: ripe fruits, brown sugar, ripe orange.
Flavour: spices, black tea, umami, yellow fruits, orange, brown sugar; citric acidity.

D20 Guarani Natural Aerobic
Nose: tropical fruits, molasses.
Flavour: papaya, green apple, mango, rosé wine.

D22 IPR 100 Natural Aerobic
Nose: blueberry, violet, berries, winey.
Flavour: gamey wine, grapes, strawberry, orange.



Tuesday Afternoon with Phil


D21 Ibairi Natural Anaerobic
Nose: red berries, grapes, floral, vanilla.
Flavor: apple, cherries, berries, floral, rosé wine.

D23 IPR 100 Natural Anaerobic
Nose: cocoa nibs, tamarindo
Flavour: hazelnuts, cocoa nibs, mango, peach, tropical fruits, whisky.

D30 SH3 Natural Anaerobic
Nose: tangerine, citric fruits, honey.
Flavour: honey, yellow fruits, citric acidity, viognier wine, buttery, sweet, floral.



Wednesday Morning with Diana


D05 Aramosa Natural Anaerobic Fermentation
Nose: Grapes, butter, vanilla, floral.
Flavour: spices, cocoa nibs, Beaujolais wine, grapes, strawberry, floral, orange; lactic acidity.

D07 Aramosa Natural Anaerobic Fermentation
Nose: floral, strawberries.
Flavour: jasmine, red berries, grapes, bubble-gum; malic acidity.



Wednesday Afternoon with Diana


D04 Aramosa Natural Aerobic Fermentation
Nose: floral, grapes, blackberries.
Flavour: fruit liqueur, ripe strawberries, yogurt, blackberries, natural red wine, cherry, salty; phosphoric acidity.

D06 Aramosa Anaerobic Honey
Nose: floral, grape candy, strawberries.
Flavour: grapes, jasmine, blackberries, raspberries, stone fruits, pinot noir.

D08 Aramosa Fermentation Assemblage
Nose: floral, tropical fruits, grapes.
Flavour: pineapple, kiwi, mango, tangerine, floral, red berries; citric acidity.



Thursday Morning with Guus


D11 Red Bourbon Natural Anaerobic Fermentation (BV36)
Nose: raisins, black berries, blueberries
Flavour: blackberries, acai berry, malbec wine, floral, grapes, ume-shu

D16 Caturra Natural Anaerobic Fermentation (shaded)
Nose: Vanilla, tropical fruits, sugar cane.
Flavour: apricot, yellow fruits, peach, molasses, citric acidity.

D09 Arara Natural Anaerobic Fermentation
Nose: papaya, caramelized sugar, floral.
Flavour: passion fruit, strawberries, milk chocolate, yellow fruits, fruit liqueur; phosphoric acidity.

D10 Arara + Catucai Pulped Anaerobic Fermentation
Nose: yellow fruits, sugar cane, orange zest.
Flavour: almond, brown sugar, lemon, plum, umami.



Thursday Afternoon with Henry


D13 Yellow Catucai Natural Anaerobic Fermentation
Nose: yellow fruits, sugar cane, orange zest.
flavour: almond, brown sugar, lemon, plum, umami.

D14 Red Catucai Natural Anaerobic Fermentation
Nose: tropical fruits, floral, strawberry
Flavours: raspberries, cherry liqueur, red berries, rum. Phosphoric acidity.

D15 Red Catucai Natural Aerobic Fermentation
Nose: tropical fruits, floral, strawberry
Flavours: raspberries, cherry liqueur, red berries, rum. Phosphoric acidity.

D19 Guara Natural Anaerobic Fermentation
Nose: yellow fruits, sugar cane.
Flavour: pineapple, vanilla, honey, yellow fruits, sugar cane.



Friday Morning with Priscilla


D17 Gesha Natural Anaerobic Fermentation
Nose: winey, blackberries, red berries, floral.
Flavours: floral, pineapple, blackberries, sparkling wine, grapes, green apple. Phosphoric acidity.

D18 Gesha Tree Dried Natural
Nose: apricot, panella, pineapple.
Flavour: floral, apricot, peach, yellow fruits, caramel, intense sweetness.



Friday Afternoon with Priscilla


D24 Laurina Natural Aerobic Fermentation
Nose: papaya, mango, butter.
Flavour: tropical fruits, papaya, mango, lactic acidity, caramel, spices.

D25 Laurina Natural Anaerobic Fermentation
Nose: tropical fruits, orange blossom, yogurt.
Flavour: dark chocolate, candied orange, dried fruits, molasses, caramel, bright citric acidity.

D26 Laurina Double Fermentation
Nose: papaya, ripe citric fruits, orange blossom.
Flavours: tropical fruits, citric fruits, orange, papaya, whisky.

D27 Laurina Natural Anaerobic Fermentation
Nose: dark berries, mango, butter.
Flavour: lemon, yellow fruits, passion fruit, tropical fruits, pineapple, lactic, floral, apple cider; phosphoric acidity.