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Understanding carbon neutral coffee

Here at DRWakefield, we place a great focus on supplying our roasters with environmentally-friendly coffee, as well as ensuring the locations in which our beans are grown are in the best possible condition and are not damaged by emissions.

That's why we're proud to stock carbon neutral coffee from CoopeDota, a cooperative of around 800 Costa Rican farmers who specialise in cultivating ethical beans.

But how exactly is this achieved? How can coffee be 100 per cent carbon neutral?

Coffee from Costa Rica is considered to be among the best in the world – something that this particular cooperative tries to enhance through its ethical processes.

The concept of carbon neutrality is all about significantly reducing the amount of carbon dioxide that is released into the earth's atmosphere, as this can potentially be dangerous to both the environment and people's health.

CoopeDota farmers track the emissions produced throughout every stage of the cultivation process, from the initial planting of the seed, right through to the coffee's journey to its final destination.

Roberto Mata Naranjo is the cooperative's general manager, and we filmed him during an origin visit to Costa Rica last year.

He explained how the group ensures its processing has zero emissions, something which led it to become the world's first carbon neutral coffee producer.

Roberto told us how the farmers take care to monitor emissions during the planting of coffee crops, when the cherries are sent to the mill to be processed and when they are transported across the country or overseas to traders like ourselves.

Discussing how CoopeDota keeps on top of emissions, he said: "We measure them, we reduce, we mitigate and at the end we compensate, so at the end we are at zero emissions."

Stocking CoopeDota's beans fits in perfectly with our mantra of supplying our customers with the best possible coffee at the right price, while supporting farmers using innovative environmentally-friendly processes around the world.