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Top 10 coffee-growing countries named

Ethiopia has been ranked number one in a list of the top ten coffee-growing nations throughout the world.

This is according to Thrillist, which asked leading figures from the global coffee industry to rate different countries with regard to the quality and success of their bean cultivation, with Ethiopia coming out on top with 25 points.

In 2013, the nation produced around 6.6 million bags of beans to be shipped overseas to traders like us at DRWakefield, allowing us to share the country's quality coffee with roasters and other lovers of the aromatic beverage.

One of the poll's judges, director of education at Cuvee Coffee and vice-chair of the Barista Guild of America Lorenzo Perkins, commented: "With sweet fruit notes and delicate floral aromas, it's hard to imagine a coffee that tastes better than a finely washed Yirgacheffe or a big, sweet, naturally processed Sidama.

"Every time I drink coffee from Ethiopia, I can't help but feel that this is how coffee is supposed to taste and everything else is an imitation."

The East African nation stormed ahead of the rest of the top ten, with 13 more points than the country which took second place – Kenya.

Kenya won points for its "exquisite" coffee, as well as the "amazing quality" of the cups it produces.

Interestingly, just one of the 11 judges did not feature Ethiopia anywhere in their personal top three, showing the country's prestige among experts.

Third place went to Colombia, which won itself a respectable ten points, while Guatemala came in fourth.

Joint fifth was awarded to Costa Rica and Honduras, which took three points apiece, indicating a somewhat significant leap between the quality of cups produced in these coffee-growing countries and those in the top three.

Seventh place went to Indonesia, while the remaining three nations – Rwanda, Panama and the United States – shared the number eight spot between them, with just one point each.