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October 6th-10th: Where was the world’s coffee activity taking place?

Brazil, Colombia, Kenya, Tanzania, Indonesia and Vietnam are just a handful of the many countries we at DRWakefield source our green coffee beans from, but these locations were among the most active in the global coffee market between October 6th and October 10th.

The week saw details of Brazil's coffee output for September being released, with the Council of Green Coffee Exporters revealing the country exported 2.63 million 60 kg bags of beans during the month, indicating an annual increase of 9.6 per cent. However, this marked a slight decrease from August, when 2.77 million bags were shipped abroad to overseas traders like ourselves.

In Colombia, the Coffee Growers' Federation reported that 912,000 bags of coffee were shipped abroad from the country. Naturally, as a smaller coffee-growing nation than Brazil, this is a much lesser figure, but it is still significant for the country, showing an increase of six per cent compared to the same month during 2013.

It was a good week for coffee in Kenya too, with the price of its top grade AA beans rising by nine per cent per bag at auction in comparison to the previous week, according to the Nairobi Coffee Exchange.

Additionally, predictions were released for Vietnam's export volumes, with 1.67 million 60 kg bags of Robusta beans expected to be shipped overseas during October. Altogether, this equates to around 100,000 tonnes of green coffee.

Arabica beans are the main commodity dealt with in the Tanzanian coffee market, with the price of these rising at auction during the week in line with the New York Stock Exchange, according to the Tanzania Coffee Board.

In Indonesia, the country is hoping to benefit from Brazil's current coffee crop issues, which have arisen due to extreme drought in South America. Experts in Indonesia are anticipating that its coffee exports will rise in value from last year's $1.17 billion (£732 million) to around $1.3 billion.