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New technology made available to Colombian coffee growing families

New technology and training are being made available to Colombian coffee growers and their families, thanks to SAP working in association with the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) and the Manuel Mejia Foundation.

In a bid to foster more sustainable business practices among these individuals and in rural areas where technology is often scarce, the training should enable coffee producers to effectively use tablet PCs and computers to improve operations. One of the most notable ways in which this is being done is by facilitating access to a coffee portal run using SAP technology. 

The portal aims to improve the quality of life for rural coffee farmers by providing them with access to coffee market news, geographical farm information and purchasing conditions, alongside incentives and support programmes. With the training given to over 500 people living in these rural communities, it will allow more coffee farmers to stay connected and keep up to date with industry news and developments. 

The Manuel Mejia Foundation, a segment of the FNC, implements policies, strategies and educational programmes for Colombia's coffee and rural sector. Meanwhile, the FNC – established in 1927 – represents over half a million coffee-growing families and is considered to be one of the largest rural organisations in the world. Through the Manuel Mejia Foundation, it contributes educational programmes for the country’s coffee farmers and their families.

Luis Acero, chief operating officer of the FNC, commented: "Working with SAP is essential to bringing technology to rural areas of the country. Helping farmers become familiar with tools like the coffee portal – and access to the portal – gives them access to important business information that helps shape their market activities." 

Under the company's Sustainability that Matters programmes, the FNC has developed what is described as "an integral sustainability policy focused on coffee growers that includes productive, social and environmental initiatives". In addition to the proliferation of technology, the body also supports research concerning the sector, all of which aims to promote the production and commercialisation of Colombian coffee and, ultimately, safeguard its future.