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Introducing the DRWay

Since 1970 our mission has been to develop a sustainable, progressive and open approach to coffee, bringing roasters and producers together and paving our own way by doing what we feel to be the right thing.

In 2020 we celebrated our 50th anniversary, a landmark achievement and a time marked both by celebration and reflection.

We have helped move the industry forward during our journey, building a unique value chain through meaningful long-term relationships with people and organisations worldwide.

In discovering our own way of working, over time, we’ve learnt what is truly important and what can make a difference.

Therefore we are excited to introduce The DRWay: illustrating and celebrating our unique way of working in coffee.

The DRWay focuses on Community, Knowledge, Environment, Certification, Innovation, and Traceability.

The DRWay represents the core principles that have guided us over the past fifty years. They inform how we work in coffee today and how we will continue to pave our way into the future.

They resonate through everything we do, from how we source our coffees and build relationships and projects to the type of content we create or events we attend.

Over the following weeks and months, you will begin to see us introduce The DRWay into our coffees, projects, relationships and content.

The DRWay iconography is designed to be interactive, so you can discover how principles important to you are reflected in our business to create more meaningful connections.

Continue reading to learn more and start discovering The DRWay of working in coffee.


Supporting people working in coffee.

From producers to roasters, it is the people that make our industry exceptional.

This is why we support all people working in all aspects of coffee and help with community projects throughout our supply chain.


Adding value to the whole coffee chain.

Just as coffee travels through the value chain, so does knowledge. One of our roles as a green importer is to add value to the whole coffee chain by distributing and disseminating knowledge.

We do this through events like our annual producer / roaster forum ‘Full Circle’ or by connecting ideas between producing partners or roasters while recognising the importance of knowledge-sharing within coffee communities.


Accelerating work that protects the planet.

We take sustainability seriously and always aim to make the right decisions and support initiatives that focus on the planet. This can take shape in small or large projects like understanding our environmental impact and supporting reforestation.

We endeavour to work with partners and source coffee that reflects this principle and considers the planet’s future.


Championing accredited coffee standards.

Championing accredited standards in coffee and business is part of our heritage. In 1993 we became the first independent coffee importer to gain a Fairtrade and European Organic licence. In 2003 we gained Rainforest Alliance certification and were presented with the Rainforest Alliance’s prestigious “Corporate Green Globe Award” to introduce and promote the UK programme. In 2021 we became a B Corp company.

Today, around half of the coffee we source is certified.


Embracing progression in coffee.

Although we have a long coffee history, we also look to the future.

Embracing innovation is our way of helping advance the industry, increase financial security for producers and safeguard the future of coffee.

Innovation takes many forms, from coffee cultivation and processing to genetics, new varietals, and even species. Embracing innovation and innovative thinking makes for a more vibrant and diverse industry.


Respecting the journey of coffee.

Understanding the journey of our coffee is integral to creating a resilient supply chain.

We travel to origin as often as possible to visit the producers we work with, building relationships and developing projects that address local needs. The experience this gives us is essential in understanding the people who produce the coffee we buy and the places it grows, inspiring respect for the product from earth to cup.

The DRWay is a new step in the DRWakefield journey.

We are excited to share this DRW chapter with you.