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How Café Femenino Foundation donations were spent in 2018

With International Women’s Day fast approaching we would like to update you on how your donations have helped Café Femenino Foundation projects.

The Café Femenino Foundation, is an independent non-profit organisation that funds community betterment grant requests proposed and managed by female farmers, with money which has been donated.

In 2017 our customers donations raised $5,937.53 for the Café Femenino Fund which was put into the Early Education Centre Project in 2018. This project was started to reduce the incidents of malnutrition in the rural coffee communities of Northern Peru.

In recent years processed foods (packaged foods) have been introduced in rural communities. The ease of obtaining them, has made it easy for parents to purchase cookies and juices for school lunch boxes rather than preparing more nutritious lunch choices. This has increased the percentage of anaemia and obesity of children in rural communities. To address this, the project provides informational workshops to train teachers and parents on simple techniques to develop good food and hygiene habits.

Parents receive information educating them on which foods contain a higher nutritional value and how to cook them. They also learn techniques to stimulate their children using psychomotor activities. In addition, the teacher, with the assistance of a visiting nurse, contributes to the early detection of nutritional disorders contributing to reduction of chronic malnutrition in children under 5 years by monitoring the children’s health.

In 2018, 390 students in 17 Early Education Centres received care and services with funds provided by the grant, and the Early Education Centre program in Northern Peru continues to grow. In 2013 there were 14 community early education centres and now there are three more community centres which are also accepting children in the 3-5-year age range from nearby communities.

The rates of malnutrition in all areas of Peru are still very high – exceeding 40%. So continued support is still very much needed, to learn more about this and other projects visit the Café Femenino website here. If you are interested in joining the program with us at DRWakefield please get in contact with a trader.