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Global Arabica and Robusta performance

Between Monday November 17th and Friday November 21st, the global coffee market saw the usual fluctuations with regard to the value of both Arabica and Robusta beans, which our traders here at DRWakefield kept a close eye on as always, publishing their analysis in our weekly coffee market report.

Arabica performance

There were several significant ups and downs with regard to the value of Arabica beans throughout the week, with a decrease of eight cents on Monday counter-balancing the previous week's gains.

However, by Wednesday, this had leapt back up by 13 cents, in part due to First Notice Day – the time in which those holding futures contracts can be notified of a delivery of physical coffee and the last day in which traders can price fix their contracts against nearby shipments.

Yet the arrival of Thursday saw another fall, with the price of Arabica tumbling by ten cents, erasing all of the week's gains so far.

Finally, on Friday, the market recovered a little to post a modest gain, closing the week at 190.70.

Mexico was one coffee-growing nation where notable Arabica-related activity took place between the 17th and 21st, with premiums falling by 30 per cent from a high of 19.5 cents per lb in New York, to just 13.5 cents per lb for Strictly High-Grown coffees.

Robusta performance

It was arguably a less volatile week for coffee of the Robusta variety as is often the case, but it still posted some good results for the week, ending on a quiet note, as many traders were absent in preparation for the London Coffee Dinner.

Vietnam – the world's largest Robusta-producing nation – was largely responsible for supporting the market through the week, as fears regarding a supply deficit this year have circulated following shortages in some of the country's Robusta-growing regions, helping to keep the market buoyant.