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Gems of Araku Auction – 27th May 2021

We are proud and delighted to announce that we will participate in the first auction of India Gems of Araku.

We have been in partnership with Gems of Araku since 2012 and always have been supportive of them, promoting their different coffee profiles coming from different tribes, villages, and districts in the beautiful Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh.

About Gems of Araku Coffees

All coffees are organically and biodynamically grown where respect of the environment nature and people are key.

Their quality is constantly growing year after year. They always have a competition at the end of the harvest among their current producers and buyers, but this year they decided to make it open to the world. You can find out more on Araku coffees on our website here.

Taking Part

To participate, just click on the link below, where you will find all the twenty auction lots and where you can register for the auction which will happen on 27th May 2021. https://gemsofaraku.com/en/lots/auction/gems-of-araku-auction-2021?tab=overview

If you want to order samples, you can request this for $195 when you register online. Otherwise, you have cupping notes on the website and we at DRW will also be cupping them so you can ask us the same as with any of our coffees. (link with video)

Purchase conditions

You can buy these coffee directly from us if you contact us and inform us your bid price FCA Tilbury, Antwerp or Vilnus.

All these coffees would be available for September-21 delivery.

We look forward cupping and sharing our thoughts with you next week on Instagram…