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Full Circle 2020

This year was the 3rd year we ran our annual event ‘Full Circle’. Full Circle is an event created by DR Wakefield to both connect producers to roasters, and also share the wealth of knowledge that exists within our supply chain.

We’re very proud of the people we work with and the relationships that we’ve fostered over the last five decades. It’s always a pleasure organising the event and canvassing people for ideas. One of my favourite meetings of the year is when we brainstorm about what’s important and relevant in the coffee industry and what kind of content we want to bring you as a result. It’s hard as often there are so many great talks to choose from, and only a limited amount of time, but we’re confident the talks we eventually land on are the best ones at the time of choosing.

Of course, Covid-19 has changed the way we live and work. Full Circle 2020 was originally due to take place as a physical event on Friday 26th June, but due to lockdown measures, we decided to run the event online as a series of webinars. We researched the best way to run events online and rather than having one day of webinars, we had the idea of one webinar a day, for five days.

DRWakefield Full Circle 2019

When you try doing something differently, there are of course new challenges presented, but also new victories to be enjoyed.

Throughout the week we had our issues such as: Wi-fi cutting out one minute before the start of a Webinar; dogs barking; and my mouse disappearing (I found out this was just for me, as on the recordings my attempts to move the mouse to locate it were reflected as a mouse frantically flying around the screen!).

However, we had a very respectful 150 people tune into the webinars and now have four recordings people can look back to (apologies, the aforementioned Wi-fi cutting out was the culprit there), great content and a blueprint for the future of DRW virtual events.

We enjoyed getting to grips with the ‘GoToWebinar’ software; the big benefit of this software for us is that we can now run many more webinars on ideas that we think should be explored.

Now more than ever, it’s important to be able to adapt to, and embrace change; we intend to make the most of Webinars and use them as a tool to engage more with origin and coffee roasters. So watch this space and make sure you’re signed up to our mailing list and social channels as we’ll be running more very soon.

Now, let’s get back to Full Circle 2020. We had some great presentations. So, in case you missed them or want to listen again, below are the details and links (where applicable) to the recordings of the webinars.

Potential impacts of Covid-19 on the upcoming mega crop in Brazil?

Gabriel Agrelli Moreira, Market Development and Quality Manager, Daterra, Brazil

Watch this here.

The First R Certified farm

Speaker: Nishant R Gurjer, Sethuraman Estate, India.

Watch this here.

The evolution of Café Femenino

Speaker: Connie Kolosvary, Director of Café Femenino

Watch this here.

Costa Rica: when social and environmental norms are part of the local industry

Speaker: Sébastien Lafaye, General Manager of STC coffee.

Watch this here.

Innovation in Coffee, what we look for at Colonna Coffee

Speaker: Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, Colonna coffee

As always, we chose a project at origin to promote in conjunction with Full Circle. This year DR Wakefield & the Café Femenino co-funded a Beekeeping project in Northern Peru.

You can read more about that here.

We hope you enjoy the Webinars and if you have any feedback or ideas for future content, please don’t hesitate to let us know at trade@drwakefield.com