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Full Circle 2022 Talks: Organic Certification, Carbon in Coffee, Coffee Prices and Fermentation

Last month’s Full Circle event was a blast!

Amongst the cupping, tastings and conversations, we covered topics on Organic Certification, Carbon in Coffee, Coffee Prices, Solar Spectrum Fermentation, and an Introduction to Chocolate.

Luckily, for those who couldn’t attend, we recorded the day’s talks.

Scroll down to explore the Full Circle 2022 talks and, if you find value in these, please consider donating to this year’s event fund.

Organic Discovery with Soil Association Certification, with Mark Machin

What does it take to produce organic coffee? And how can organic farming benefit more than the environment? Mark Machin, Development Manager at the Soil Association Certification, shares insights into organic farming and the often overlooked multidimensional benefits of choosing organic.

Carbon in Coffee with Tom Haigh

With COP27 in Egypt early in November, the climate crisis is never far from our minds. But how do we navigate the climate conversation in coffee and better understand carbon in the coffee value chain? Join Tom Haigh, Marketing Manager at DRWakefield, as he discusses our journey in carbon footprinting and understanding carbon in the coffee chain.

A Brief History of Coffee Prices with Henry Clifford

Many significant global events have rocked our world over the past three years. Each one has had an impact on coffee prices. As a result, the price of coffee today is very different from 2020. So how do coffee prices link with economic, political and environmental events? We examine the price of coffee through the lens of the past three years, exploring the meaning behind coffee prices today.

Solar Spectrum Fermentation with Jamie Treby

Last year we began an experiment with Daterra in Brazil, exploring the role of light in coffee fermentation. Jamie Treby, Strategist at DRWakefield, shares insights into Solar Spectrum Fermentation Colour has played a role in a number of fields when it comes to food (and drink). From the influence of cutlery and crockery colour to the food itself, chefs, innovators, researchers and marketers such as Heston Blumenthal, Charles Spence, and Fabiana Carvelho build upon the work done as far back as the 1930’s to 1950’s from people such as H.C. Moir and Cheskin.