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Five favourite coffees to get excited about

Despite being in business for over 40 years, here at DR Wakefield we’re often still surprised and excited by the number of new coffees which cross our cupping table.

This is especially the case for specialty micro-lot coffees—premium coffee beans that are separated from the rest of the crop yield for their special qualities, such as their exceptional taste or aroma. We spoke to our traders to find out which new speciality micro-lots currently have them abuzz. Here are their top picks from the most unique, high-quality coffees around the world.

Ethiopia “Gera”

Gera is a washed and sun-dried coffee from Limu, a district in the South-West Oromia Region of Ethiopia, the world’s seventh largest producer of coffee and birthplace of Arabica coffee. Limu is one of four Ethiopian regions that sell trademarked coffee under their regional names.

Gera is a fruity one, with honey-sweet flavours and a little acidity.

“It jumped off our cupping table with its bright and exotic floral notes,” says Will Hobby, DR Wakefield coffee trader. “Roasters are going to love it, and with the weather warming up, it is going to be perfect for cold brew as we get set for the summer!”


Sumatra Organic Cascara

While this one’s not exactly a coffee per se, we think you’ll definitely want to try it. From Sumatra, Indonesia, this is a fruity cascara, or coffee cherry tea, a caffeinated drink made from the cherry as opposed to the bean.

Cascara has been growing in popularity in recent years, both in Indonesia and around the world. One advantage of cascara production is that it’s eco-friendly, using a byproduct of coffee production (coffee cherries) that would otherwise be discarded.

“Made from the dried cherry pulp of coffee,” says Will, “it is going to be the next big thing to hit our shores. We’re really excited to be bringing this in as one of nature’s sweetest floral-flavoured rejects.”

El Salvador “Finca El Ingenio Honey”

This is a sweet coffee from the Urrutia’s family, one of our favourite El Salvadorian family farmers who deliver to us directly.

Like most coffee from El Salvador, it’s washed/wet-processed and Finca El Ingenio is a creamy, syrupy brew. “Its deep butterscotch flavours and exuberant tones of honey and caramel are perfect combinations,” says Will, “and in many respects demonstrate precisely what coffee should be.”

India Gems of Araku Lot C3

Our traders call this the “fatal attraction coffee”—you’ll instantly fall in love. It yields flavours of banana pancake topped with caramel, but though it sounds decadent, it doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure.

“It is grown in an incredibly sustainable and sufficient way, using biodynamic production methods,” says Will. “Buying this coffee has a positive social impact.”

The Araku Valley, where this coffee is grown, is located in the Eastern Ghats, a mountain range, in Andhra Pradesh, one of India’s twenty-nine states.

Kenya PB Zawadi

A peaberry grown in the highlands of Kenya, like many peaberry coffees, PB Zawadi is a rich, flavourful rarity. Kenya’s trademark taste is one of strong flavours, thanks in part to the fact that they are grown without shade.

“Its sensational blackcurrant, cherry and chocolate flavours punch through the cup,” says Will. “Knowing that it comes from a small farm where we once planted the coffee trees makes it even better!”

For more information about DR Wakefield’s coffees, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to offer further recommendations and expert advice.