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DRWakefield is getting a new look

As you can see it still embodies much of our existing and well-established blue colour but introduces a new logo which we see as representing the huge variety of characteristics within the industry.

Simon shares a little bit more on our thinking “We have always believed that coffee is about people and our new logo builds on the concept of coffee character. That it’s not just about taste and origin but a unique mix of every characteristic and character involved. Whether that’s the producer we are sourcing from or the roasters we are working with on a daily basis; including the diversity in our own team. We love to catalyse the entire supply chain, ensuring every coffee finds its rightful partner”

Since moving to Thompson House in 2006, the business has significantly grown. We have doubled our office space and trebled the size of our team in response to increased volumes and variety of product sold. This has created much greater demands on logistics and quality control support as well as increasing the requirement for information to run the business. Our new look is a natural evolution of this growth and we are really excited to share it with you.