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DR Wakefield – August 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to the third instalment of DR Wakefield’s monthly newsletter: a round-up of our own news plus insights on the wider coffee industry. Both at DR Wakefield and beyond, there’s been plenty going on in the world of coffee over the last month, as you’re about to find out…

DR Wakefield: Where we’re going, and where we’ve been…

August brings with it two major trips, with four of our traders having flown to visit coffee farmers this week. Santi and Henry are in Peru for our Project 121 (look out for a blog post on this soon…), while Simon and Priscilla are currently in Brazil, visiting Daterra.

Afineur create coffee with similar flavour profile to Kopi Luwak – without the civets…

Crafted using undigested beans from the faeces of Indonesian civets, Kopi Luwak has become well-known for its unconventional origins and expensive price tag. Now, Afineur have launched the first batch of their new coffee via Kickstarter: a coffee that aims to replicate the flavour profile of Kopi Luwak using fermentation instead of civets. Their “cultured coffee” is created in Brooklyn with beans sourced from Guatemala, and has low bitterness and astringency which allow the other flavours to shine through.

Record Indian coffee crop on the horizon…

Good news for Indian coffee farmers, as estimates suggest that the nation’s coffee production will rise by 8.7% in 2015-2016, with well-timed monsoon rains contributing to what will be the country’s record annual crop. Indian coffee exports are also expected to rise by 10%, with small farmers predicted to liquidate more of their inventory in the wake of the news.

Cup of Excellence significantly reduced for 2016…

Currently, every year sees twelve Cup of Excellence programmes taking place across ten countries: events at which coffee farmers have the chance to gain high COE scores and reap the subsequent financial rewards. Some of these farmers, however, will temporarily lose these potentially lucrative opportunities, as the Alliance for Coffee Excellence has announced that the number of events will be significantly reduced in 2016

The events that take place in Rwanda, Nicaragua, Mexico, El Salvador and Burundi will not take place in 2016 due to a planned restructure of the ACE. While the ACE promise “even bigger and better competitions in 2017” once the restructure is complete, it remains to be seen what impact the lack of competitions in 2016 in these five countries will have on crop prices.

Summer sale!

After selecting the best lots from India’s “The Gems of Araku” earlier in March, they have finally arrived in the UK. 

These five different gems are fully traceable to the villages where they are grown, and use three different processes from natural through to honey and washed.

Only a limited supply of these gems is available, packed in 25kg grain pro bags and offering:

  • Exoticness – in their cup profiles

  • Sustainability – in their biodynamic growing methods

  • Uniqueness – they are from the first and last surviving tribe in India

Offered at a price of £7.19/kg, there are just 163 bags of these precious gems available, so don’t miss out! 

If these gems sell out before you have the chance to purchase, we are also offering the opportunity to buy some 2014 crop packed in 60kg grain pro bags at the discounted price of £6.89/kg – there are 40 bags available.

These offers are valid until 21st September 2015 – to take advantage of this summer promotion. give us a call or send us an email

Beans, beers and BBQ!

Join us at DRW HQ to cup the latest and greatest from origin: 17th September from 4pm.

New arrivals:

We’ve received a range of new arrivals this month, all from Gelpo: our trusty Guatamalan traders. These arrivals include the following…


Baquelito estate

Rich body, bright acidity and full of dark chocolate, lemon, honey and raspberry flavours – beautiful.

Palencia San Guayaba micro lots 

These micro lots have a gentle acidity and rounded body with a full finish, full of caramel, chocolate and creamy maple syrup flavours.

Coffees to get excited about:

Peru 121

Santiago and Henry are currently in Peru checking out our partner farmers, selecting samples and choosing the best coffees they can lay their hands on. Expect these delicious new arrivals to land in the UK in November.

Costa Rica Community Lots

We’ve recently received special micro lots from different communities within the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica, which have great flavour profiles, unique to each community. Every micro lot is Fairtrade certified and packed in grain pro bags to retain their freshness and flavour for longer.

Cafe Granja la Esperanza

We’re very excited to get our hands on these 35kg grain pro bag coffees next week. This single estate Colombian is delivering Yellow and Red Bourbon Las Margaritas and a Red Bourbon Honey and Yellow Bourbon Peaberry. The PB is vacuum-packed, and worth every penny.