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Don’t forget India when listing world’s top coffee producing countries

When considering coffee production, most people would automatically think of South America and countries like Brazil when asked about big producers.

However, India is also climbing the ranks of the world's top coffee producing countries, as demonstrated by recent figures published by the International Coffee Organisation (ICO).

The statistics show that India's coffee output increased to 5.25 million 60kg bags last year, up from 5.23 million bags the previous year. This means that the country's share of production has reached 3.6 per cent, just 0.1 per cent behind Honduras, Business Insider reports.

Worldwide, total coffee production in the world went up by 7.18 per cent to 144.06 million bags in 2012, showing that our appetite for the beverage seems to be insatiable.

We're keen to raise the profile of India as an origin of coffee here at DR Wakefield, as it produces a wide variety of different types of the product as its cultivation area increases.

The state of Karnataka is the biggest source within the nation, followed by Kerala and Tamil Nadu, with the largest amount of exports going to Italy.

Coffee originating from India can often be quite mild but also sweet, so it could be ideal for relatively new drinkers or simply those who like a mellow touch to their brews. It is also well worth getting hold of some monsooned coffee, where coffee in parchment is left in an open sided warehouse so it can absorb the humidity of the annual rains.

This gives it a really unique taste, as well as a good selling point for coffee houses that like to offer their customers something that little bit different to the norm. It may even prompt them to look into how coffee is produced and in turn gain a new appreciation for their morning cup, a treat many people probably take for granted.

Coffee from India includes arabica and robusta grades and is generally produced on a plantation-ownership basis. We have lots of involvement with producers in the nation and we're eager to see it better appreciated by consumers for its products.