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Daterra Masterpieces 2023 Auction

The 2023 Daterra Masterpieces Auction takes place on the 5th of December 2023. Every year Daterra choose the tastiest lots from their processing experimentations on the farm and put them up for auction. In 2023, as Daterra celebrates their 30th anniversary, the auction pays tribute to their remarkable history. Each of the 15 unique coffees are named after a significant milestone.⁠

Learn more about Daterra here.

How do I taste the coffee?

We receive one sample box of Daterra Masterpieces each year, which means we have limited sample material. The best way to taste the coffee before the auction is by purchasing a sample set directly from Daterra or by attending our Thirsty Thursday cupping of these coffees.

Each sample set contains 200 grams of each coffee and a magazine they have developed for the coffees. Ikawa roast profiles are also available for each lot. Sample sets are available to purchase directly from Daterra for $285.  

Get yours here.

Can you bid for me?

If you’re interested in the Daterra 2023 Masterpieces and would like us to participate for you, just let us know. 

We’ll be participating in the auction on 5th December, so please reach out to the trade team to learn more if a specific lot interests you.

What lots are available?

Each year Daterra’s expert cuppers explore the farm’s harvest to discover unique small lots of coffee – the Daterra Masterpieces.

The 2023 auction features 15 coffees using innovative processing methods and varietals like Kaffa Heirlooms, Yellow Gesha, Jacira, Laurina and Wush Wush.

Here’s an overview of this year’s lots.

Lot 1902: Vida Nova
Meaning: New Life
Flavours: Tropical fruits, citrus acidity, dark berries, cocoa nibs, black forest cake, red wine, herbal tea
Varietal: Kaffa Heirlooms (4 Kaffa Lineages)
Process: Anaerobic 72 hours

Lot 1967: Solo
Meaning: Soil
Flavours: Watermelon, tropical fruits, berries, melon, lactic, floral
Varietal: Aramosa.
Process: Aerobic 40 hours.

Lot 1980 Da Terra
Meaning: From the soil
Flavours: Cherry syrup, white grape, bubble gum, strawberry yogurt, honey sweetness
Varietal: Aramosa
Process: Natural anaerobic 96 hours

Lot 1987 Reencontro
Meaning: Reencounter
Flavours: Fresh yellow fruits, pineapple, passion fruit, green grapes, clericot, pear, melon, jasmine, honey
Varietal: Jacira (Yellow Aramosa)
Process: Anaerobic 72 hours

Lot 1993 Chão Vermelho
Meaning: Red ground
Flavours: Ume-shu (sour plum licquor), blackberry, black currant, ripe strawberry, stewed apples
Varietal: Paraíso
Process: Anaerobic 72 hours

Lot 2001 Mundo
Meaning: The world
Flavours: Grape soda, blueberry, strawberry, red berries, apple, delicate, honey, jasmine
Varietal: Aramosa (Blend 2 Process)
Process: Anaerobic 72 hours + anaerobic 60 hours

Lot 2003 Virada
Meaning: Turning point
Flavours: Pineapple licquor, passion fruit, yellow tropical fruits, white grape, berries, chardonnay wine, floral
Varietal: Laurina
Process: Anaerobic 96 hours

Lot 2005 Palco
Meaning: Stage
Flavours: Ripe pineapple, yellow fruits, apple cider, lychee
Varietal: Gesha (Blend 2 Process)
Process: Anaerobic 60 hours + white wine yeast 60 hours natural

Lot 2012 Evolucão
Meaning: Evolution
Flavours: Tropical fruits, watermelon, ripe yellow fruits, citrus, aromatic herbs, orange zest, refreshing
Varietal: Gesha
Process: Anaerobic 68 hours + cachaca yeast

Lot 2013 Audácia
Meaning: Boldness
Flavours: Blackberry, blueberry, bing cherry, plum licquor, slightly minty and refreshing, phosphoric acidity
Varietal: Laurina
Process: Anaerobic 60 hours

Lot 2014 Três Fazendas
Meaning: Three Farms
Flavours: Green apple, green grapes, strawberry fizz, raspberry, floral, phosphoric acidity
Varietal: Wush Wush
Process: Anaerobic 60 hours

Lot 2015 E Agora?
Meaning: What now?
Flavours: Orange soda, citrus and phosphoric acidity, orange blossom, yellow tropical fruits, ripe banana
Varietal: Arara
Process: Natural anaerobic 60 hours

Lot 2018 Nova Fronteira
Meaning: New frontier
Flavours: Pineapple compote, green grapes, strawberry, green apple, phosphoric acidity, champagne
Varietal: Laurina
Process: Anaerobic 72 hours

Lot 2023 Confluência
Meaning: Confluence
Flavours: Red berries, citrus fruits, peach, kiwi, green apple, champagne, floral
Varietal: Gesha Amarelo
Process: Anaerobic 60 hours

Meaning: Future
Flavours: Star fruit, tangerine, pineapple, orange blossom, green apple, brown sugar
Varietal: Paraíso Organic
Process: Anaerobic 60 hours

Do reach out to the Trade team if you’re interested!

Daterra Masterpieces 2023
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