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Daterra Masterpieces 2022 Auction

The 2022 Daterra Masterpieces Auction takes place on the 29th November 2022. This year’s auction is inspired by the modernist movement of Brazil. Each of the coffees on the auction pays homage to a legendary modernist artist who portrayed the beauty and diversity of Brazil.

There are 12 individual lots available at the auction, each one with its distinctive profile and design.

As with all the Masterpieces Auctions, we are here to help however you want to get involved.

Learn more about Daterra here.

How do I taste the coffee?

We receive one sample box of Daterra Masterpieces each year, which means we have limited sample material. The best way to taste the coffee before the auction is by purchasing a sample set directly from Daterra.

Each sample set contains 200 grams of each coffee and an art magazine they have developed for the coffees. Ikawa roast profiles are also available for each lot. We have tasted the coffees in our lab, so ask a member of the DRW trade team for more info.

Sample sets are available to purchase directly from Daterra for $260.  

Get yours here.

How do I take part?

If you would like to participate in the Daterra Auction, you can register to bid here.

The auction will take place online on 29th November at 14:00 pm – London

As a partner of Daterra, we can offer affordable freight and shipping solutions for UK and EU customers. So if you do want to participate and would like to discuss shipping options, get in touch with our trade team!

Can you bid for me?

If you’re interested in the Daterra 2022 Masterpieces and would like us to participate for you, just let us know. 

We’ll be participating in the auction on 29th November, so please reach out to the trade team to learn more if a specific lot interests you.

Daterra Masterpieces 22

What lots are available?

Each year Daterra’s expert cuppers explore the farm’s harvest to discover unique small lots of coffee – the Daterra Masterpieces.

The 2022 auction features 12 coffees made in their experimental processing unit Masterapac.

This year they are introducing a new fermentation technique – a refrigerated anaerobic process -and advancing their research of foreign genetics with Datopia: a mix of ethiopian varietals cultivated in Daterra. Each coffee is accompanied by a digital illustration generated with artificial intelligence, as a representation of the flavours found in coffee and the artist that inspired it.

Here’s an overview of this year’s lots.

Lot 1: VIC-01: Victor 
Inspired By: Victor Brecheret
Flavours: White blossoms, Apples, Rose Wine, Raspberry Candy.
Varietal: Aramosa
Process: Natural Anaerobic Fermentation

Lot 2: TAR-01: Tarsila
Inspired By: Tarsila do Amaral
Flavours: Watermelon, Ripe Strawberry, Hibisucus
Varietal: Gesha
Process: Natural Anaerobic Fermentation

Lot 3: REG-01: Regina
Inspired By: Regina Graz
Flavours: Orchids, Porto wine, Honey, Blackberry, Blueberry.
Varietal: Aramosa
Process: Natural Anaerobic Fermentation

Lot 4: OSW-01: Oswald
Inspired By: Oswald de Andrade
Flavours: Peppermint, Watermelon, Plum liqueur, Red Berries, Red Apple.
Varietal: Red Catucai
Process: Natural Anaerobic Fermentation

Lot 5: MAR-01: Mario
Inspired By: Mario de Andrade
Flavours: Blackcurrant , Ripe Plum, Cloves, Cola Candy.
Varietal: Catigua
Process: Pulped Anaerobic Fermentation with spices.

Lot 6: OSC-01: Oscar
Inspired By: Oscar Niemeyer
Flavours: Pineapple, Strawberry, Passion fruit, Coffee Blossom.
Varietal: Laurina
Process: Natural Anaerobic Fermentation

Lot 7: LAS-01: Lasar
Inspired By: Lasar Segall
Flavours: Lychee, Vanilla, Green Apple, Peach.
Varietal: Datopia
Process: Natural Anaerobic Fermentation

Lot 8: HEI-01: Heitor
Inspired By: Heitor Villa – Lobos
Flavours: Earl Grey Tea, Peach, Apricot, Brown Sugar.
Varietal: Datopia
Process: Natural (dried on tree)

Lot 9: EMI-01: Emiliano
Inspired By: Emiliano Di Cavalcanti
Flavours: Jack Fruit, Green Apple, Pineapple
Varietal: Gesha
Process: Natural anaerobic Fermentation

Lot 10: CAN-01: Candido
Inspired By: Candido Portinari
Flavours: Pineapple Kombucha, Peach, Orange Blossom
Varietal: Gesha
Process: Natural anaerobic Fermentation

Lot 11: ANI-01: Anita 
Inspired By: Anita Malfatti
Flavours: Champagne, Raspberry, Pineapple, Orange Blossom
Varietal: Laurina
Process: Refrigerated natural Anaerobic Fermentation

Lot 12: ALF-01: Alfredo 
Inspired By: Alfredo Volpi
Flavours: Red wine, Roses, Candied Cherries, Grape Juice, Bubblegum.
Varietal: Aramosa
Process: Natural Anaerobic Fermentation

Do reach out to our Trade team if you are interested in cupping the Masterpieces and read more about the masterpieces here.