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Coffee and a chat with Andrey from CoffeeDOOR

How did you come to work in coffee? 

I was looking for ideas to start a business and I landed on coffee. I saw that coffee consumption in Ukraine was very low at the time and that there was lots of growth potential. It was a logical decision for me to choose the coffee industry. A few years after I set up my first business, I tasted my first cup of speciality coffee-it was then that logic was joined by passion.  I started my company in 2010 and began roasting in 2014. 

What’s life outside roasting like for you?  

I love sports, driving my cars, and relaxing at the movies.  I must admit though, every day I am thinking about how to improve quality and achieve the best cup of coffee possible.  

What would you be doing if you weren’t roasting? Maybe you already have a side project?  

I’m in the process of starting a new project. I promise to let you know a bit more soon!  

Where was the last place you travelled to? 

Lake Como, Italy. What a great place! 

What was the last book you read? 

 “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rend. 

What’s your biggest passion or love? 

I love sport. And I want to build something useful for the world.  

How and what do you do to unwind? Maybe you have a tip for our readers? Do you have a mantra you live by? 

The mantra that I live by is: “Everything Matters”. In my spare time I love hanging out with friends, going to the movies, and working with barbells at the gym.  

How did you come up with its name?  

The brand is named after a door at a concept coffeeshop which was developed some time before the roastery was launched. The idea was that you walk through the door into the world of good coffee. 

How long have you been in business and how did the idea start? 

I set up my first business in 2010 and for 5 years I distributed Italian coffee. This gave me a strong understanding of the market and it was crying out for coffee that was more individual, complex and interesting. People wanted a wider selection of good quality coffee. At that time I already had a small store in Dnipro city centre under the Italian coffee brand Mokarico. This was classic coffee served with tea from my own brand SOHO. In 2014 I wanted to open a new kind of shop but the crisis changed priorities. Due to inflation a lot of distributors selling foreign products lost their market share to local products and I had to rethink my business concept. 

How has your business been affected by COVID-19?  

It’s certainly been affected! I look forward to when it settles downI always keep a mask and sanitizer in my pocket these days. 

HoReCa didn’t operate in the quarantine. Businesses reduced their operations and had to cut costs. Many businesses, my own including, are still having to take heavy losses.  

How is your town/community being affected?   

We started self-isolation quickly which gave good short-term results. However, we unfortunately haven’t seen each other smile for quite some time because of all the masks. 

What’s your favourite thing about living in your town?  

I love Kyiv for its history, beautiful architecture and sights, but mostly for the diversity of restaurants and cafes with quality food and service. I feel proud that I can add to that and supply them with the aroma and taste of specialty coffee 

Where’s your favourite place nearby to visit? Do you have any local tips? Maybe there’s a hidden gem you’d like to share?  

The historical center: Podil, Pechersk and the CoffeeDOOR brewbar & coffee shop. Take a stroll around those places and you’ll be sure to find a quiet place with beautiful views just around the corner. A lot of sport activities open on Truhaniv island in the summertime. Cross the river on the pedestrian bridge near Podil and you are right there! 

Which is your favourite coffee / origin and why? 

It depends on my mood and millions of other things. Kenyan is best for hand brewing methods; Colombian-for cezve, cold brew and sometimes for espresso; Rwanda recently became my “every day espresso favorite”. 

What’s your favourite brewing method? 

Difficult to choose! I usually start my day with home cezve. I then go for espresso, and then finish the day with a hand brew or batch brew. At home I like to make my cezve and if I am at my café meeting the team or my business partners, I might take a doppio. When I choose green coffee or develop a new product, I end up cupping a lot at the roastery and coffee shop, so it’s safe to say I am always caffeinated!