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Caffè Culture Show 2021

Reconnect with us at Caffè Culture Show on 2nd and 3rd September!

At this year’s show, we are sponsoring the Roaster’s Forum. We will be curating a jam-packed day of talks, panel discussions and tastings on Thursday the 2nd of September, delving into conversations on the past, present and future of coffee. Please find the full schedule of talks below.

We’ll also be serving up some delicious brews on our stand over the two days. So come along and join us for a coffee and a chat!

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Roaster’s Forum Timetable

Thursday 2nd September

An exploration into the cyclical nature of trends in coffee. From tastes and cup profiles to processing, sourcing and roasting, we discuss coffee trends of the past and their relevance for the industry today.

Moderator: Jamie Treby, DRWakefield
Speakers: Ian Steel, Atkinsons Coffee Roasters; Dickie Kieswick, Halo Coffee; Nicole Ferris, Climpson & Sons

A discussion into how innovative thinking across different industry sectors can create interconnectedness and progression in coffee.

Moderator: Jamie Treby, DRWakefield
Speakers: Lucy Smith, Funk Consulting; Will Little, Roastworks; Angus Thirlwell and Jame Drake, Hotel Chocolat; Ben Mortimer, Taylors of Harrogate

Join us at our stand for a tasting of coffee trends through the ages.

We’ll be sampling on-trend coffees of the past, tasting what’s in vogue in coffee today, and glimpsing into the future of coffee.

A conversation into the importance of the emerging speciality Robusta market and the significance the species has for the coffee industry’s future.

Moderator: Jamie Treby, DRWakefield
Speakers: Nishant R Gurjer, Kaapiroyale & Sethuraman Estate; Wycliffe Sande, Blue Turaco Coffee

What role does genetics have for the future of the coffee industry? An exploration into genetic innovation, discovery and development in coffee.

Moderator: Diana Johnston DRWakefield
Speakers: Camilo Hadad, Café Granja La Esperanza; Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, Colonna

Join us at our stand for a tasting of coffee species.

We’ll be blind-tasting coffee from a range of different species. Can you guess which is which?

Innovation and progression come at a cost. We discuss how approaches to business need to adapt to create a less impactful future for coffee, exploring carbon neutrality throughout the coffee supply chain.

Moderator: Diana Johnston, DRWakefield
Speakers: Monserrat Hernández Sánchez, Coope Dota; Henry Clifford, DRWakefield; Nick Mabey, Assembly Coffee; Jose Vega Barbero

The term ‘Sustainability’ means different things to different people. We explore the multidimensional approaches and understandings of sustainability throughout the coffee supply chain and hear from diverse perspectives throughout the industry.

Moderator: Diana Johnston, DRWakefield
Speakers: Will Browning, Fairtrade; Phillip Searle, DRWakefield; Jose Vega Barbero; Nicole Ferris, Climpson & Sons