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Buy this year’s MASTERPIECES by Daterra and support mental health in the UK

For this year’s Daterra masterpieces they won’t be holding an auction, but instead each box will have a fixed price and a third of the profits from each bag sold will be donated to charity.

From Daterra. “We think that holding an auction at this time does not match with the message of support we are sending, and we want to make our coffees more accessible to everyone at a time when many are also facing a financial crisis”.

About this year’s Masterpieces

This year there are thirty microlots, with three new varietals and more experimental processes. The 30 different lots are split into different sizes and the prices will be fixed and range between £30-70/kg.

Also, if you would like for us to buy a lot/s for you, we can consolidate with one of our containers, saving you money on freight.

How we will be showcasing the coffees?

Every day next week (w/c 9th November) we will be cupping the lots and posting short videos about what we’re tasting.

Check out our Instagram at 9am and 12noon every day.

You can also read more about the coffees here

How to purchase / Requesting Samples

As a partner we can buy the Masterpiece coffees from 19th November ahead of the general public on the 25th.

Samples are very limited and available from the trade team on a first come first served basis, or to purchase directly from the farm itself online.

Purchasing direct from us means you will support our chosen charity ‘The Mental Health Foundation’.

About our chosen charity

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on mental health. Our chosen charity ‘The Mental Health Foundation’ has been providing and sharing practical information about how you can support your own mental health, and the wellbeing of your family and community during these times. To find out more visit https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/ or follow them on Instagram

We look forward to sharing our thoughts on the 2020 Masterpieces with you all next week. Tune in at 9am and 12 noon daily on Instagram!