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Weekly Market Report 9 to 13 April 2012


Futures Markets:

Arabica : After a sell off on Tuesday, the market rose for the two following days and finished the week lower by 5.50 c/lb. The world’s stock markets came under pressure because of worries about the Spanish economy, which caused this fall.  

Robusta : The market had a choppy opening with a light of flurry selling  on Tuesday before buying came to a second stage on Wednesday. Then prices stabilized lower within 1996-1998 range levels.

Currency :  US Dollar is remaining at its to 1.585 levels but with a sentiment moved risked off favouring the dollar, especially  as Euro is getting weaker especially due to the worries over the fragile Spanish economy. Sterling registered also gains against the euro.


Futures and Currency close levels:







NY May-12 c/lb






Lon May-12 $/t













Physical Markets:


Brazil : Quiet business as neither buyers or sellers are pushing hard but differentials being covered.

Colombia :  Heavy Rains which delayed drying and lower internal prices cause a very limited coffee flow. The expectations for the Miticaca are reduced. A little business is taking place, so internal replacement is not helping to sell more.

Guatemala: There were still uncommitted positions waiting for a better market and better overseas demand.

Honduras: Internally, a lot of producers, cooperatives and intermediaries have a lot of volume to sell as they were holding stock for better prices. Buying interest is sporadic with differentials under pressure to move stock.

El Salvador:  Exports slumped by 49.6 % in March compared with last year, especially due to the lower crop caused by heavy rains last November.

Tanzania : 20,857 bags on offered during last auction. Prices remained unchanged though bidding was competitive for most of the qualities. Heavy Rains in the country but still not enough for the coffee trees in development for new crop.

Uganda : Robusta matched good interest for new crop shipments, washed Arabicas remained not considered.

Ethiopia :  Business is quite slow for the sundried coffees as exporters are not really flexible as offer don’t follow ICE market. Washed coffees are still trade in a small volume at reasonable prices.

India: The Farmers are still holding their stock for Arabica and Washed Robusta as they are expecting better prices. However, they have to take a decision to sell what they have left before the monsoon starts in the next 6 weeks.

Vietnam : Reasonable offer for April, May and June shipment however, exporters are still reluctant to offer for September to December shipments.

Papua New Guinea: First deliveries of the new crop have been seen, quality looks promising but quantity wise this year’s crop seems to be smaller than 2011.

Others: The German roaster Tchibo cuts coffee retail prices to reflect the fall in Arabica Coffee futures, as they raised their prices in 2011 when the NYC market reached 3.10 usct/lb, said Reuters