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Weekly Market Report 30 April to 4 May 2012


Futures Markets:

Arabica : This week we incurred another volatile and choppy market. Starting with specs which looked to be the driving force behind the market and gaining some new recent high levels, even breaking through 182. It then drew in further “shorts” and this renewed the bears confidence levels as the market fell until the end of the week close, with a particularly subdued day on Friday.

Robusta : London went sideways really but maintained a similar pattern to NY. Prices were well bid with reasonable sized liquidity as the US dollar struggled against Sterling.  Also offers remain sparse with Vietnam absent and technical sellers deterred. There was little appetite until Friday where the specs managed to drive the market higher encountering only modest origin selling.

Currency :  The Euro weakened across the board and in particular a 3 year low against Sterling. USD was also weak due to disappointing US economic data.


Futures and Currency close levels:







NY Jul-12 c/lb






Lon Jul-12 $/t













Physical Markets:


Brazil : Frost or below zero degrees in isolated mountains and small towns nearby naturally cold areas in the very south of the country or plains fields, but with no coffee on the trees. Overall, it was a quite week in Business. New taxations expected by the president will certainly affect saving accounts which will not payback as its usual remuneration.

Colombia : News agencies report the Mitaca coffee flow is very disappointing (although reports differ regionally) – but the southern regions are coming up with less coffee than expected. The 2011/12 crop will not reach 7 million bags (although this needs to be verified as conversations with our Producers at origin advice differently).

Honduras: After a record sales and ongoing record shipments activity cam nearly to halt. Coffee exports increased by 31% to 734,871 bags in April from 559,395 bags a year earlier said Ihcafe.

Kenya : 16,679 bags were on offer during sale Number 22 held on Wednesday 2nd May. Overall firm prices were seen, good interest on higher qualities attracting high prices.

Uganda : In March, Uganda exported a total of 187,590 bags, with 104,240 bags of Robusta and 83,352 of Arabica. Firmer Robusta prices were traded but still pick up substantially. Additional heavy rains caused some complication while drying.

Ethiopia :  Selling offers on exporters side are mixed, they don’t follow NY Market.

India: The weather is unchanged favourable for the development of the next crop. Availability for current crop Coffees continues to be tight, especially Robusta Cherry.

Vietnam :  Many statistics playing the market with no confirmed reports. Trades reported are slow as the Liffe market did not attract sellers.

Papua New Guinea: Continuous flow of fresh coffee with few export activities due to fear of a much lower crop It looks like exporters will be entering in the market only carefully.