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Weekly Market Report 25 to 29 June 2012


Futures Markets:

Arabica : ICE moves were  sparked by concerns that strong rains in Brazil early in the week may have damaged the crop. However, funds short covering is still the main driver.

Robusta : Prices were boosted by the mood change in the markets and the currency swings. Origin hedging was seen as specs and roasters paid up. The Market is on a positive Outlook.

Currency :  Euro slipped against Dollars on the back of the Cyprus news fuelling further uncertainty. Lack of major data released this week as waiting for the EU Summit, US Dollars and Sterling hold the same pattern than the previous week.  

Futures and Currency close levels:







NY Sep-12 c/lb






Lon Sep-12 $/t













Physical Markets:


Brazil : Heavy rains in Santos , Sao Paulo and Micas Gerais during the last previous weeks delay in harvesting process, also might impact on the quality of the cherries. 

Colombia : Activity is quiet although interest has been seen for new crop shipment as differential softened tenderly as coffee trees convey a positive outlook for the main crop.

Guatemala: Still business going on with lower differential because of better NYC Levels.

Peru: Around 35 % of the coffee has been harvested while the crop continues in full swing. Weather patterns are very irregular but not affecting qualities.

Kenya : This week auction took place last Tuesday, June 26 with 28,208 bags on offer. Majority of the coffee offered as a cheaper price than previous week.

Tanzania : Harvest is going well, coffee flow advance and exporters more willing to commit. Internal offers still very firm. Good weather supporting harvesting and drying process.

Uganda : Heavy rains slow Robusta flow somewhat. However, there is still good activity across all grades. Price differences between all Robusta qualities get closer.

Ethiopia :  ECX auction followed NYC move while some exporters were offering at a lower price. Overall all qualities traded, expect Harrar 4 which is in shortage.

China: 2011/12 crop has been quite surprising in terms of quantity, around 60,000 metric tonnes out of which 90% has been sold already. Quality has been to be watched carefully.

Indonesia : Robusta Exports slumped by 18% to 14,718 tonnes from a year earlier, according to government trade.

India: Good selling and Buying Interest is washed Arabicas due the higher NYC market. On another note, ongoing monsoon season has not brought a lot of rains in June, but rainfall seems to be on the average on coffee area.

Vietnam : Nearby business is quiet as nearby differential increased. June figures exports may reach 160,000 ton according General Statistic Coffee in Hanoi, which is more than the double quantity shipped last year.

Papua New Guinea: The small volume available is good and consistent quality. Weather dry which is perfect for picking cherries.

ICO: World coffee exports rose to 9.85 million bags in May, up to 5% from 9.38 million bags in the same month last year.