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Coffee Market Report 15th to 19th April 2013



Coffee Prices, Futures and Currency close levels:







NY Jul-13 c/lb






Lon Jul-13 $/t














Futures Markets:


Arabica: New York put together a rally inspired by the US$ movement. Speculative short-covering caused the market to slowly rise throughout the week. The short-covering was induced by lack of follow-through after sell-off and less producer selling. Positive moves from May-July added support to the market.

Robusta: London continued to rise slowly through out to week as the market followed rumours that prices would find comfort close to the 2080 mark.

Currency: Despite poor retail sales data in the UK, as a result of the second coldest March on record, the GBP/USD pushed back above the $1.53 level.



Physical Markets:


Brazil: Business seems to be slow, as farmers are holding back on their coffee awaiting higher prices. Impact of the weakening Real against the Dollar is not being immediately felt. Safras and Mercado who are agriculture analysts stated that 75% of the crop has been sold, this is lower than this time last year where 86% had been sold.

Colombia: Flow of the mid-crop is as expected. High demand remains as people are both covering short and long positions.

Mexico: Exports rose 5.7% in March from a year earlier to 344,906 bags according to the National Coffee Organisation Amecafe said on Tuesday.

Guatemala: Slow activity was noticed this week, with main interest for premium qualities with unchanged prices.

Nicaragua: Exports fell more than 7% in March compared with the same month a year earlier to 180,177 bags in the month, the country’s export association Cetrex said on Friday.

Peru: Rain continues to poor in some coffee areas and a slow flow of coffee could be a reason for this.

Kenya: Sale 21 saw prices ease for standard grades. Fine qualities are diminishing quickly and the miscellaneous section of the catalogue continues to increase.

Tanzania: The past week has seen torrential downpours, with many areas receiving up to 5cm a day. Logistics remains problematic in the port of Dar Es Salaam with almost all vessels facing some sort of berthing delay, erratic transit routes and schedules with some lines, and complete system failures with others.

Ethiopia: Mixed volume was traded during the week at the ECX. Short covering of exporters keeps the market moving steadily. No news as of yet from the government side about pushing the suppliers and changing the rules to get the coffee quicker into the auction after having them in the official warehouses.