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Field Trips

We see ourselves as the ‘coffee catalysts’ building long-lasting, sustainable and profitable relationships with producers and roasters in more than 70 countries. And we couldn’t do this without regular visits and a hands-on approach so we are regularly visiting origin. We love to have our customers join us in origin - do ask us when we’re visiting so that you can come along. But in the meantime, we make sure you don’t miss out through our detailed Field Trip Reports. Enjoy!

Image for Priscilla in Indonesia

Priscilla in Indonesia

28 November 2016

Indonesia is a vast and varied land with multiple coffee facets to explore - Here, Priscilla describes her latest venture to strengthen our network of suppliers.

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Image for Phil & Henry travel to Colombia

Phil & Henry travel to Colombia

30 September 2016

We found the time (it wasn't hard) to travel to Colombia to visit some of our favourite producers in the world, and meet some news ones too! Read on to see how we got on.

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Image for El Salvador 2016

El Salvador 2016

30 April 2016

El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America with a total area of 21,040sqm. Its 22 volcanoes make its soil extremely rich in nutrients and this helps it to produce some amazing coffee, which is one of their mains export along with Sugar Cane.

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Image for Field Trip to Brazil August 2015

Field Trip to Brazil August 2015

28 August 2015

Our visit to the Partner's Forum at Daterra Although we visited Brazil in 2014, we had an unexpected reason to go again. Since we source from so many producing countries, and from many areas within those...

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Image for Field Trip to Peru August 2015

Field Trip to Peru August 2015

18 August 2015

Henry and Paddington vist Peru While Santiago Barahona, our head trader, has over a decade of experience sourcing coffee from this unique country, it was my first ever origin trip. As you can imagine,...

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Image for India Trip 27th February to 10th March

India Trip 27th February to 10th March

24 March 2015

A taste of India Spirituality food colours silk jewellery welcoming and coffees! It was time to travel again and get to know the length and breadth of Indian coffee farms during a two week trip. My...

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