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Field Trips

We build long-lasting, sustainable and profitable relationships with producers and roasters. And we couldn’t do this without regular visits and a hands-on approach so we are regularly visiting origin. We love to have our customers join us in origin - do ask us when we’re visiting so that you can come along. But in the meantime, we make sure you don’t miss out through our Field Trip Reports. Enjoy!

Image for Ethiopia Trip- Talking Coffee Regulations

Ethiopia Trip- Talking Coffee Regulations

17 October 2017

With the new coffee regulations pending, we decided that it was imperative to visit our suppliers face to face, to investigate potential issues and challenges that our suppliers will face – the implication...

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Image for Cajamarca to Cauca: Exploring High Altitude Coffee land in Peru and Colombia

Cajamarca to Cauca: Exploring High Altitude Coffee land in Peru and Colombia

25 September 2017

We have many long-term partners in South America and the aim of this trip was to focus on several regions in two different countries – Peru and Colombia. August is the ideal season to be in the coffee...

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Image for Brazil: 2017

Brazil: 2017

10 July 2017

It’s harvest time in Brazil – and there’s no better time to visit than now – blue skies, sunny days and bearable temperatures allow for ample exposure traversing the fields of some of Brazil’s finest coffee estates. Favourable weather has created a sizeable harvest (in Cerrado at least) so it was high time we visited to see for ourselves the abundance of coffee, and exceptional flavours we can glean from this oft overlooked producer of specialty coffee.

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Image for Ecuador: Ama la vida

Ecuador: Ama la vida

13 June 2017

Little is known about Ecuadorian coffee due to the scarcity of it. However, some amazing cup profiles can be found in its rich terroir and it also offers some solid commercial coffees that could act as...

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Image for Will and Henry's Mexico Trip 2017: Veracruz to Nayarit

Will and Henry's Mexico Trip 2017: Veracruz to Nayarit

11 May 2017

Our trip began in the port City of Veracruz – Mexico’s largest, and where most (if not all) of our coffee is shipped out from. Nestled neatly in the Gulf of Mexico, this is a tale of two cities. Old...

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Image for Santiago heads to Honduras & Costa Rica: 2017

Santiago heads to Honduras & Costa Rica: 2017

13 April 2017

Honduras and Costa Rica have always been very important to us, not only commercially but in the way our relationship with the coffee producers and their organisations have grown. In the past 10 years, we have seen how coffee producers in these two origins faced many challenges from low coffees prices from 2002 to 2008, loss of production due to Roya attacks in 2014 and 2015, and the ever-present threat of climate change. However, both origins have found innovative ways to deal with these challenges and maintain their livelihoods by putting coffee quality and sustainability at the top of their priorities.

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