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September 2019

07 Sep

Cafe Granja La Esperanza Cupping @ The Coffee House Project Bristol

A cupping for buyers! If you are looking for your next competition coffee or a killer geisha then we are cupping for the next container of fresh crop Cafe Granja La Esperanza. Featuring Cerro Azul, Las Margaritas, Potosi and La Esperanza, and going from fully washed to napoleon, this will be a wide representation of their coffees available exclusively through us. These will ship shortly after the Coffee House Project and should be in the country before December. Not looking for a comp coffee? No worries! We will have a select range of their other lots too, first come, first served!

For more detail about the festival click here.

  • Time10:30 – 11:15
08 Sep

Brazil Cocarive - Mantiqueira De Minas cupping @ The Coffee House Project Bristol

Fresh back from our trip to Brazil we have a showcase from the Mountains of Minas Gerais. High acidity, unusual process and an abundance of yellow varietals make up these offer samples and a great chance to try before you buy. Ever tasted coffee from the farm with the highest Cup of Excellence score of all time, and any country? We have FOUR 5 bag lots available! These will be on the water as we taste, so a great option for a last minute UKBC coffee or killer way to start the fresh crop Brazil season off with a bang. Featuring Baixadao, Tres Barras, Sitio Da Torre and more.

For more detail about the festival click here.

  • Time14:00 – 14:45

July 2019

25 Jul

Open Cupping

We are hosting an open cupping, come by to try some tasty coffees, mingle with some other roasters and have a beer afterwards.

To register for a place, contact one of our friendly traders.

  • Time3pm - 5pm

June 2019

10 Jun

Full Circle 2019

For the second year we are hosting Full Circle. A full day of talks, learning and collaboration, a chance to network with producers and roasters alike. To read about last years event click here.

9.00 – 9.30      Coffee and pastries

9.30 – 10.30     The global coffee market and actions to address coffee price levels. Marcela Umaña, PhD from The International Coffee Organisation

10.30 – 11.00     Coffee break

11.00 – 12.00      Giling Basah ( Wet Hulling ) Explained: the ins and outs of this unique process specific to Sumatra – Indonesia.
Armia from Permato Gayo, Indonesia

12.00 – 13.00     Light lunch

13.00 – 14.00     The role of yeast and fermentation in coffee.
Margaret Fundira from Lallemand

14.00 – 14.30     Cupping – Yeast Fermented Coffee

14:30 – 15:30     Sweeter than naturals? Monetising bees in the coffee lands.
Omar from Capucas Cooperative, Honduras

15.30 – 16.00    Coffee break

16.00 – 17.00     Variance in moisture metre readings.
Gabriel Agrelli Moreira from Daterra Farm, Brazil

17.00 onwards    BBQ and drinks at Sustainable Workplaces

The minimum donation is £150 all of which will be donated to a chosen producer project at origin. To book your place or for more information email marketing@drwakefield.com

  • TimeAll day
06 Jun

World of Coffee Berlin - D27/D29

Join us on our stand D27/29 to discover what the producers feel about Fairtrade coffee, learn what it takes to get coffee from the origin all the way to the roastery and the science behind producing competition level coffees.

Thursday 6th June

Exploring the reality of certified coffees

Join us for tasty cuppings, and listen to a talk by Omar from COCAFCAL, Honduras about his experiences with growing certified coffees.

12.30 pm – Omar from Capucas Cooperative, Honduras talks about his experiences with Fairtrade

13.30 pm – Cupping of a range of tasty Fairtrade coffees

Friday 7th June

The logistics of coffee sourcing

We explore the logistics behind how coffee gets from the farm all the way to the roastery, Josh from Clifton Coffee talks logistics from a customer’s perspective and we host fresh crop cuppings throughout the day.

10.30 am – Leslie from DRWakefield discusses the logistics of how coffee gets all the way from the farm to the roastery, and the things which can go wrong!

Josh from Clifton Coffee talks about his experiences with DRWakefield.

Saturday 8th June

The science behind competition coffees

11am – Café Granja talk about the genetics of breeding competition quality coffee and we host a cupping of some of their fresh cup coffees

May 2019

09 May

Central American Cupping - Fresh Crop

We have started to taste some exciting pre-shipment and landed samples of central american coffees here at DRWakefield.

Come join us for a cupping of the tastiest of these new crop coffees.

To register for a place, contact one of our friendly traders.

  • Time3 pm - 5 pm

March 2019

28 Mar

DRWakfield LCF Breakfast - The Future of Sustainabilty

What does it take to create a truly sustainable coffee industry?

Greg Meenahan from World Coffee Research will discuss the shifting understanding of what sustainability really means, how programs must become more data-driven and focus on empowering the producer.

He will also discuss the latest research and findings from WCR and what this means for producers and the wider industry.


9 am – Mingle, pastries and coffee

9.30 am – Greg at World Coffee Research presents “What does it take to create a truly sustainable coffee industry?”

10.30am – Head to London Coffee Festival

 RSVP only – contact your trader for details on how to sign up

  • Time9 am - 11 am
28 Mar

London Coffee Festival - DRWakefield stand H03

Day 1

The first day we are exploring the sensory characteristics of coffee. Sessions will take place in the morning, early afternoon and late afternoon, all are welcome to walk up and explore the activities that have been curated:

10 am – 12 pm Breaking Down Flavour –  Taste + Aroma= Flavour

As a Green coffee trader, we spend quite a lot of our time hunting for and assessing coffee, with a goal to find something with great flavour. Flavour acts as a measure of quality across our whole industry, from seed to cup. In this session, we will explore how flavour is broken down, from a sensory perspective. You will be able to explore the basic tastes, aromas, and how they come together to form flavour.

12 pm – 1 pm Sensory Perception in Decaf Coffee

Ainhoa from Swiss Water explores taste, olfaction and chemesthesis in relation to decaf coffee. What changes, if anything, when coffee is decaffeinated?

2 pm – 3.30 pm Acids in Coffee – So what do they mean when they say it’s got malic acidity?

One of the major indicators of a good coffee is the quality of its acidity. Its something we assess in our day to day, along with the balance of the cup. In coffee, there are different types of acids like what we see in fruit and vegetables. In this session, you will explore the acids that exist in coffee, as well as how the balance and quality of a given coffee would be affected if we manipulate it by adding acid to it.

3.30 pm – Special Fermentation Cupping – David Jameson from Grumpy Mule will be hosting this fun and light-hearted look into the characteristics of alcohol and coffee and how to match them. Come and try some delicious coffees and their perfect alcoholic partners.

29 Mar

London Coffee Festival - DRWakefield stand H03

Day 2

On Friday we are focusing on green coffee, with an interactive green grading competition running throughout the day and two fantastic talks.

Green Grading Competition – Drop by on Friday to take part in our green grading competition, this will run all day on the stand and you will get the chance to prove your skills and learn a thing or two about defects in coffee.

11am – Building a washing station in Rwanda – Malcolm Clear from Kinini Coffee will be on the stand to talk about how they built their washing station from scratch, got the local farmers on board and developed a successful business.

1pm – Multicertified Regional Clusters – Jean P. Jarquin , Beneficio Santa Rosa Honduras

3pm – Multilocational Variety Trial – Greg from World Coffee Research will give an overview of the trial taking place in 23 different countries with 23 different varieties of coffee, the aim of the trial is to see which varietals perform best in which climates, so that farmers can make a more informed choice when planting out seedlings. He will also discuss the latest findings from this research.

6pm  – A tasting of DRWakefield’s Sourced Collection Speciality Decaf with Swiss Water Decaf – Get the chance to taste a selection of our new range of speciality Swiss Water decaffeinated coffees, and Andrea from SWD will talk about the trends in sales of decaffeinated coffee.

30 Mar

London Coffee Festival - DRWakefield stand H03

Day 3 and 4 

Swiss Water Decaf will be joining us on the stand to bring you the latest offerings from the Decaf world, featuring a triangulation and the chance to taste some delicious decaf coffee.

February 2019

22 Feb

Roasting Competition

We are excited to announce year two of the DRWakefield roasting competition is on! It is open to ANY of our customers, using ANY of our coffees. Closing date for us to receive your coffees is Friday 22nd February 2019.

The Prize

The winner will receive 3 x 24kg vac-packed boxes of Colombia Café Granja La Esperanza Washed Pacamara; a regular competition winner, it is floral with flavours of hibiscus, raspberry, peach and has great clarity. The perfect coffee for Spring!

The Rules

Send in a 250g bag of single origin DRWakefield supplied coffee, roasted for filter, to our office. You must include inside your name, company name, and the type of coffee you have sent in. You can send in a maximum of two submissions per company.

Please send your coffee for the attention of Diana Johnston at DRWakefield, 42 – 44 Dolben Street, London SE1 0UQ – this is very important as we want to keep the judging blind.

The deadline for coffee submissions is end of play Friday 22nd February 2019. We will then cup and judge the coffee on the 25th – 27th February – winner to be announced on 27th February 2019.

When the winner is selected, they will be announced on social media.

If you have any questions email marketing@drwakefield.com or speak to your friendly trader.

The Judging

We will cup the coffee blind. We will not know the customer who roasted the coffee but we will know the origin and coffee name so that we can judge similar coffees side by side.

Round 1 – It’s a Knockout!
All coffees are tasted with a preliminary yes/no decision, based on overall consensus from the judges.

Round 2
Each coffee will be cupped again and awarded a score and notes, with the top lots going through to the final.

Round 3
Coffees scored using the same system as round two, with a tie breaker mark being given to use only if scores do not decide an overall winner.