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Vietnam Pô Kô Natural


Pô Kô Farms is nestled in the Pô Kô river basin in the district of Dak Ha, situated on more than seven thousand hectares of highly fertile red basalt soil.

Over 90% of members are small producers, they are mostly soldiers who returned from the war. When peace was restored, many people left their hometowns or were relocated from cities to rural areas, some travelled to the Central Highlands to earn a living from the land. However, unstable coffee prices and challenging conditions made it hard to make money.

Po Ko Fair Agricultural Cooperative (Pô Kô Farms) was established and registered for Fairtrade in 2009, being able to sell coffee for a higher price, and getting agronomic support from the cooperative membership soon increased from 37 in 2009 to 118 in 2019. Formerly known as To Hop Tac San Xuat Ca Phe Sach Vi Suc Khoe Cong Dong (CSCC) they changed their name to Pô Kô Farms in 2017. Of the 118 members, 58 are women and 60 are men, they are one of the few cooperatives in Vietnam who have female board members and chairwoman.

The cooperative hold training courses to help farmers adapt to the challenging effects of climate change, they are on subjects such as; watering management, managing grass growth, encouraging shade trees to grow and the proper disposal of waste.

TR4 and TR9 varieties were created by the Western Highlands Agriculture and Forestry Science Institute (WASI, former Coffee Research Institute), a research institute who focus on breeding, propagation of crops and livestock, agronomy and ecological development in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. They were selected for planting along with 9 other varietals because they have a much higher yield and bean quality potential compared to those of old cultivars. TR4 is a Robusta clone, officially recognised as a national variety in 2006 by the Ministry and Agriculture and Rural Development. TR9 is also a Robusta clone.

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Screen size
600 - 720m
October - December
TR4, TR9

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