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Sumatra Wahana Rasuna Washed


The Republic of Indonesia is a country of seventeen thousand islands, reaching across the Indian and Pacific oceans and forming part of the Ring of Fire. Unsurprisingly, it is the worlds largest island country, though with only the second largest coastline. Forming part of the Sunda Islands, that are an archipelago stretching across Malaysia, Brunei, East Timor, and Indonesia is Sumatra. Largest of the islands it is fully encompassed within the countries borders. The northern part holds Lake Toba, formed in a caldera caused by the largest-known explosive eruption in the last 25 million years which caused a drop in global temperatures of around 4°C that lasted for three years.

The Estate itself was established in 2005, and currently extends across 468 hectares, 250 of which are given over to growing coffee, with a further 30 hectares to a nursery.  From an initial concentration on the Rasuna and Longberry varietals, the estate has moved to a more diverse offering comprising local varietals such as Andong Sari, Jember, and Jantung, as well as more recognisable ones such as Villa Sarchi, Colombia, and Catuai. These are all kept separated throughout the process, enabling future production of microlots. The estate also provides free housing, water and electricity to the 1,000 workers it employs, as well as there being a free health centre on site, kindergarten, and nursery.

The Rasuna varietal is a crossing between Catimor, which was widely found across Indonesia (and itself is a cross between Hybrido de Timor and Caturra), and Typica. Catmiors did well, but suffered a remarkable drop off in yield after 10 years, a problem not present in Typica, which was low yielding but had a much longer lifespan. The crossing of these has managed to keep the best of both, and is found across 45% of the farm, as well as being used as a control varietal on the farm when comparing against newer varietal introductions.

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14 January 2019