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Rwanda Inema Kivu

Cupping notes

Super syrupy, with classic blackcurrant underlining a gentle honeysuckle and lime


A family business that has been around coffee for almost 15 years, we sourced the Inema Kivu with the help of our friends at Kinini. Grown around the shores of Lake Kivu by a myriad of smallholder farmers, the quality that comes out of a washing station is key to producing a tasty cup. Dedication to receiving samples in a timely manner and then processing carefully in the typical fully washed style really helps to maintain the orange and cranberry fruits but bring syrupy texture and clarity to the cup.

Lake Kivu is one of the African Great Lakes, encompassing part of the border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Most coffee grown in Rwanda is of the Bourbon lineage. Bourbon Mayaguez varietals are amongst the subset of Bourbon coffee along with Jackson, having been attributed to introduction from Latin America through the USDA agricultural research service at Mayaguez in Puerto Rico. In the thirties this made it to the DRC and on to Rwanda in the 1950’s where they are now predominant. The numerical denomination is indicative of the subsequent selection, as better performing trees were used to grow the next generations.

Coffee is picked red and brought to the washing station where it is cleaned, pulped, rested and then fermented underwater in tanks before a further wash, and resting again in clean water for 24 hours. It is dried on raised beds before being bagged, and hulled prior to export.

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Fully washed
1600 - 1750m
May - August
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Image for Kinini Coffee Washing Station and A New Beginning Rwanda

Kinini Coffee Washing Station and A New Beginning Rwanda

21 November 2017