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Myanmar Ngu Shweli Estate


Ngu Shweli is the oldest coffee estate in the region, founded in 1997 when the owner, U Kyaw Sein decided to turn his hand to coffee after trying both peas and jade mining. Of the farms 235 acres, 215 acres are given over to coffee, with the rest being rocky land unsuitable for growing coffee. It is located in Pyin Oo Lwin, formerly Maymyo, a scenic hill town known for its botanical gardens and examples of colonial architecture. In 2004, it was honoured by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization.

Shade on the farm is provided long term by the growth of Silver Oak and Macadamia trees, the latter being able to provide an alternative source of income too, and while those trees grow, Erythrina is used as a faster growing provider of coverage, accenting the estate with bright red flowers.

U Kyaw Sein has his own nursery on the farm, which is useful as he does not stump the trees, preferring to replant with new seedlings. 80% of the farm is SL34, and 20% S795.

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