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Mexico La Yerba Women’s Floral


La Yerba is a small community on the northern side of the San Juan Volcano. The community was originally founded under the name of El Astal, but in 1969 the town was relocated to border a highway as a newly formed Ejido and was named La Yerba. An Ejido is a community comprised of communal lands designated for agricultural production where each Ejidatario (joint land owner/farmer) has individual rights to a parcel of land or parcela. These rights can continue indefinitely and be passed on to their children, as long as the land is under consistent cultivation.

The economy of La Yerba is based upon its two most important crops (and bedfellows with the speciality coffee scene) coffee and avocado. With one harvest immediately following the other money is generated in one part of the year, but following work with San Cristobal, a premium based upon their quality comes about 4 months after the harvest which really helps cashflow and therefore options available to the farmers.

This coffee is produced by female members of ASTAL who provide a system of premiums for coffee produced by women, they have eight female members and their president is Ms Andrea Flores.

For this natural coffee, the cherry is partially dried on site before being taken to the Arrocera Wet Mill for final drying. It is then transported to El Duende Dry Mill, located in the town of Compostela, where it is hulled, cleaned, sorted, graded and then bagged for export. Samples are roasted and cupped with the information stored on the FincaLab QC system. This allows us (and you) detailed insight in to the coffee, mills, and organisations involved in the processing. To do this go to www.trackyourcoffee.com and enter the number GTN4802.

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